Innocent south Indian neighbour seduced by young boy – Hot story

Innocent south Indian neighbour seduced by young boy – Hot story

Hi readers, this is Shivu back with the second part of the story. Thanks for the immense response to the first part of this story. Kindly bear with the length of the story. I would like you to experience the most important events of this lust-filled journey.

Those who have not read the first part of the story, kindly read it first through the link given below. This part is better enjoyed with the context of the first part.

You can recall how my lust developed for Sunita aunty in the previous part. I was becoming desperate as time passed.

It was my daily routine to think about Sunita aunty and masturbate. At the same time, I can’t be stupid and rush into things. So, I always thought of many plans to seduce her. But it was not easy because of her traditional lifestyle.

I was happy with what I got. I was just satisfied with the way things were, until an event that changed my perception.

One day, my house was filled with our relatives on the occasion of the Deepawali/Diwali festival. As a result, both the bathrooms of my house were occupied. We needed to visit the temple, so my mom suggested to fresh up in Sunita auntie’s house instead.

I, never miss the chance of watching my beloved aunty and rushed to her house. Uncle and Rashmi were still sleeping and aunty had just taken bath.

She had tied her hair with the towel. Her loose end of the saree was tied to the hip. She was literally looking like a goddess. I was just lost with her beauty. She greeted me smile and told me to take a bath in the common bathroom.

Since she had just taken a bath, the bathroom was filled with steam that touched her heavenly body. My cock was already hard and the aroma was just hypnotizing.

To add to my dumb luck, her used clothes were hung in the bathroom. I eagerly took her blouse and saree to smell. To my surprise, below the saree there were her bra and panty. I was surprised at my luck.

I took her freshly removed panty and smelled it. The smell was intoxicating, I just wanted to break out of the bathroom, spread her legs, and lick her pussy.

I licked the inner part of the panty that covered her pussy. My penis was oozing with precum, it was the most pleasurable moment of my life. Then I covered my dick with her panty and masturbated, I ejaculated within a minute.

Then, I took her bra. It was of 38 D size white bra. I could only imagine how amazing those boobs would be. I held the bra on my face and smelled them with all the lust I had. My dick was hard again. I masturbated for the second time.

I cleaned the cum on her panties and bra. I took a bath and left her house. This incident made me want her more and more. I couldn’t control it anymore, so I decided to try something, anything.

I thought of texting her through Whatsapp. So, I decided to get a new sim and text her. I was excited to text her. It took 2 days for the sim to activate, which felt like an eternity. I started texting her with normal forward messages.

The conversations were mostly in Kannada, I’ll just summarize it for you in English. She enquired me who I was and why I was texting her. I told her that I am Kiran, Shivu’s friend and I took her number from his phone.

Sunitha aunty: Why are you texting me?

Me: I have even seen you near his house many times. I even saw your pics on his phone. I like you and I want to be your friend.

Sunitha aunty: How dare you? I am your mom’s age. How can you think like this?!

Me: I am sorry, I just want to be your friend. Please understand, aunty.

Sunitha aunty: I’ll tell Shivu about this and make sure your parents know about your behavior.

Me: Aunty please, don’t tell Shivu, he doesn’t know about this. If he complains to my parents, they will kick me out. Please, aunty.

Sunitha aunty: Then you better stop texting me.

Me: Aunty, you don’t know how I feel about you. I’ll show you.

I just sent her the pic of my hard cock. I had my heart in my mouth. It was equally stupid. All these things were sheer manifestation of my lust towards Sunitha aunty.

After a few minutes, I got a call from her number. I was scared and disconnected it. I knew that she could identify my voice.

Me: I’m sorry, aunty. Please don’t be angry. Please don’t tell anyone.

Sunitha Aunty: I’ll tell, Shivu. And I’ll complain to the police about you.

I knew she never go to such lengths. And I don’t think that she wants me to know that my friend sent her such pics. She always thought of me as an innocent kid.

Me: I’m really sorry, aunty. Please don’t complain to anyone. I won’t disturb you.

Sunitha Aunty: If you text me again, I’ll definitely complain. Will you behave like this with your mother or sister?

Me: Sorry, aunty.

She didn’t reply, I called it a day and kept quiet.

In the late evening, I went to Sunitha auntie’s home. She was preparing tea and I was speaking with uncle. As soon as She saw me our eyes met. There was uneasiness in her voice while she spoke to me. She looked worried and sad.

I felt bad about what I did. But I had to try something to have this amazing woman in my arms. The next day I invited my friends, a group of six, to my house.

I also introduced them to Sunitha aunty. I just introduced them as my classmates. She was a bit hesitant as she might have thought that Kiran could be among them. But little did She know about my plan. Later that night I texted her again.

Me: Hi, I saw you today. You were beautiful as usual.

Sunitha aunty: How dare you text me again. I told you I would complain to the police if you text.

Me: I’m sorry aunty. I was too excited yesterday. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.

Sunitha aunty: You are still young and have a life ahead of you. You should be concentrating on your studies. Please stop texting me.

Me: Thanks, aunty. But I cannot control when I see you. I’m totally in love with you, aunty.

Sunitha aunty: You are crossing the line here. I have tried to be patient. Please understand, for your own sake please stop these things.

Me: I can’t aunty. When I saw you today, I wanted to kiss your lips. Your boobs were so awesome I wanted to squeeze them hard and suck your nipples.

Me: I want to spread your legs and lick your pussy. I want you to hold my cock and lick it. Aunty, please aunty, I beg you to be my lover.

Me: See how make me feel. I sent the pick of my penis with cum dripping from it.

Sunitha aunty: Please leave me alone. I’m married and have a family. I’m of your mother’s age. Please understand.

Me: Aunty, I’ll not disturb you if you send me a sexy pic of yours.

After this text, she never replied. I even tried to apologize after a few days. But there was no reply from her side.

I had no way of fulfilling my desire towards this angel. I really felt bad. Then it struck to me that the only thing that she cares about is her family. She would do anything for her family.

The evil spawn in me was born at last. After sleepless nights of masturbating and thinking how to have my Sunitha, I had devised a plan that could make it or break it.

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