Mom’s journey into lesbianism with neighbour girls – Sex story

Mom’s journey into lesbianism with neighbour girls – Sex story

Hey buddies, I am Richa. I am 20 years old and a hot bombshell. This is a half-true story of my mom. This is about my mom’s transformation from a straight, conservative, shy Indian housewife to a pussy-hungry lesbian slut! She took and tasted many pussies in the process, including her daughter’s (mine)!!

My mom’s name is Smitha. So talking about her assets she has big boobs, and her ass is round and perfectly shaped. She even looks hot and sexy at 42 years of age. She is the reason for the turning of many heads of men in our neighborhood. So, the neighbhourhood wives are jealous of my mom and her sexy looks.

Talking about our neighborhood, in our neighborhood, the houses are so close to each other that they touch each other. I mean, two houses share a common wall.

Now coming to the story. We lived on the first floor of a two-storied house. The ground floor has been given out on rent. In our adjacent house, there were two girls who had recently shifted to there. These girls were studying engineering at a local college. They were around 19-20 years old. I did not have many talks with them except a formal greeting at times.

One fine evening, I was ascending the stairs to the terrace. I was about to reach the top when I heard two female voices. One of them definitely was my mom. I just peeked through the door. I saw in that dim light that one of the neighbor girls named Ava was palming mom’s cunt over her nighty!! (I forgot to mention here that my mom always wears a nighty at home.)

The college girl was wearing a sleeveless top and leggings. She was standing on their terrace and my mom was on ours. (As I had told you earlier, our terraces were joined to each other.)

Mom was struggling to push away Ava’s hand, but she was refusing to withdraw her hand and was adamant about keeping her hand there. Mom somehow managed to remove her hand forcibly.

Mom: This is not right, Ava!

Ava: What is wrong with it, aunty? Don’t you like it? I know you want it because uncle is away. When is the last time you had sex?

(My dad was working abroad and visited us once or twice a year. My mom must be hungry for sex).

Mom: But?

Ava: But what aunty?

She again shamelessly put her hand on my mom’s cunt over her nighty. I noticed that mom was not trying hard enough and she was only pretending to push Ava’s hand away. It meant that my mother wanted it too!

Ava pressed her palm on my mom’s cunt a little harder. Mom let out a soft moan. Ava noticed this and smiled wickedly. She removed her hand moved a little far behind.

Mom: What happened?

Ava: I will not do this until you handover your panty to me.

Mom: No, at least not here. Someone will see.

Ava: Ok then, I am going, bye.

Mom: No, wait. Turn to the other side.

Ava (in a commanding voice): No. Do it here.

My mom lifted her nighty a little.

Ava: Do it fast, aunty. We don’t have the whole night.

I had butterflies in my stomach. My mom lifted her nighty and petticoat up to her waist. Ava and I both saw her milky white legs and thunder thighs.

Mom removed her purple panty fast and dropped her nighty and petticoat swiftly. It fell down. I could not get a proper view of her pussy and ass.

She handed over the panty to Ava. She smelled it, held it in her left hand and put her right hand on mom’s cunt again.

Ava: Can I call you ‘Smita’?

Mom: Yes, dear.

Ava: Ok, thank you, Smita. Now, turn around.

Mom turned around now and her ass was facing Ava now. Ava pressed my mom’s round, perfectly shaped ass cheeks from behind. Then Ava’s one hand moved to mom’s boobs.

Now she was pressing my mom’s left boob over the nighty and pressing her right ass cheek. She kissed her neck from behind and mom was moaning.

Ava: Take off your bra, Smitha.

Mom, without uttering a word, took off her bra and pulled it outside the nighty. Ava snatched her bra and smelled it and kept it aside.

Mom was getting molested by a girl of her daughter’s age. Surprisingly, my mom was enjoying it!

The neighbour girl Ava put both her hands on mom’s boobs. They were so big that it was difficult for her to hold. Mom started moaning but Ava kissed her on her lips.

“Enough is Enough,” I thought to myself. I thought it was time to interfere. I made sounds with my feet to warn them that I was approaching. They both separated and adjusted themselves.

They both saw me and acted as if nothing had happened between them. I was angry at both of them but decided to keep quiet.

Mom ran down the stairs, and so did Ava. I also came down thinking that Ava did not return mom’s bra and panty.

I went inside the house. Mom was in the bathroom. Some noises were coming from there. I understood that mom was masturbating. After some time, my mother came out.

We talked casually and watched TV. Mom then cooked dinner. We ate it and slept. After some time, I woke up to drink water. I peeked into mom’s room. She was texting someone. I decided not to bother and drank water and slept.

The next morning, I checked my mom’s phone. There was a message from Ava, saying, “Your daughter ruined our first night but be sure I will fuck your brains out. I will eat out your body.”

All the other previous conversations from the night were deleted.

Days and weeks passed. There was no activity between mom and next door girl Ava – only casual talks and messages.

One month passed. One day, in the afternoon, I was returning from college. I rang the doorbell but no one answered. I rang several times. Then I phoned my mom. She opened the door. I noticed she was wearing nothing under the nighty. Her perky nipples were visible. Her hair was in disarray. The vermillion on her head was partially rubbed and disfigured.

Suddenly, Ava and her roommate (her name was Bhavna) came out and left our house. I smelt something fishy. I entered the house, threw my bag and went into the bedroom.

The bedsheet was messy. Mom’s bra, panty, and petticoat were lying on the ground. I noticed mom’s purple panty that Ava had taken the first day. It was obvious that they had a threesome lesbian sex session.

I went into the kitchen. Mom was washing the dishes. Her ass cheeks were visible as she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her nighty. I had my lunch.

In the evening, mom left for the temple in a saree as she does every day. I received a video on WhatsApp. It was from an unknown number. I opened the video and was left dumbstruck.

What’s was in that video? I will tell you in the next part. Till then bye-bye.

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