Love Sms For Boyfriend

Best Love Sms Collections For Boyfriend.


Love is not what the mind thinks,

       but what the heart feels. 

I love you dear.


Hold me tight 

Hug me with all your might

Kiss me softly

Caress me tenderly

Gaze into my eyes for a while

Give me a reason to smile

Come back in my life baby

Just say that you still love me…


Every night I fall asleep

with a smile on my face,

Because I know that I am going 

to wake up and meet

the person who puts in there…
Baby, do you know

that you mean a lot,

I am saying this from

me every thought 

Will love you till the end of time

Coz i feel lucky to call you mine,

Love you a lot!


I love you for who you are

not for what you like look

Your inner beauty

is what matters to me the most.


I saw that you were perfect, so I loved you,

but then I saw that you were not perfect

and I loved you even more.

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