This Story Is Abount Sex With Colleague At An Office Wedding

This Story Is Abount Sex With Colleague At An Office Wedding

Hello Friends, this is yet another of my experiences about sex with colleague at a wedding. I am a huge fan of this website and hence have shared a few of my real-life incidents. You can read them here.

A brief about me, I am a good-looking 6 feet tall lean guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country. The heroine of the story was Payal, who was my junior colleague at that time in the office. She was a smart girl with the right amount of assets in the right places.

Being 5.2 feet tall with the curves of 34-30-36 along with milk-white skin. A bit on the busty side with a cute smile. I had hots for her since the day I saw her first in my team.

It was the start of the year, and we were preparing for the wedding of our senior office colleagues. Both the bride and the groom worked in our office. I was very close to the groom, and Payal was close to the bride. The wedding was a destination wedding.

It was to take place in a resort some 20 km from the city over the weekend. We reached there early Saturday morning along with other colleagues from the office and friends. Being close to the groom, I was given a lot of responsibility for the wedding. I was busy running around with work the entire day.

It was only during the evening just before the sangeet that I had some free time. I was sitting alone, munching some snacks. Just then, the doorbell rang and being irritated, I opened the door. After opening the door, the entire irritation evaporated in a second.

It was Payal at the door in a nice lehenga outfit hunting for the groom. I gazed at her from top to bottom and then came back to the senses and helped her out with the groom. After talking to the groom, she left the room with a cute smile while passing by my side.

After a while, we all came together for the sangeet function. I was standing by the groom and was having a good time bird watching around the hall when Payal entered along with the bride. I was awestruck as she looked even hotter than before with all the makeup and accessories.

The lehenga was such that it exposed her flat tummy and navel to the fullest. Also, her blouse being a bit tight for her fitting accentuated her boobs size a bit more than actual.

During the entire sangeet, I was stealing glances of Payal, and she caught me doing it a couple of times. Each time she caught me, she smiled naughtily and turned her eyes away, talking with her friends. In the meantime, I Whatsapp her, “You look drop-dead gorgeous and hot.”

She replied with a smiling emoji and looked towards me, and smiled. The sangeet concluded with me not remembering most of the dances except for the one when Payal was on the stage and danced gracefully. After the sangeet, we all retired to our rooms.

We gathered in the groom’s room for the after-party. The after-party concluded at around 3 A.M., and we retired to our rooms. I was about to hit the bed when there was a WhatsApp message. To my surprise, it was from Payal.

Payal: Free from your after-party for a walk?
Me: Where to meet?
Payal: Waiting outside the reception lobby.

I instantly made myself up and rushed to the lobby. Once in the lobby, I saw her standing outside the entry gate wearing blue denim hot pants and a loose white t-shirt having a drag of smoke. Being a bit breezy that night, her t-shirt was moving due to the breeze highlighting the outline of her upper curves.

I slowly walked up to her and said, “Hi” to her. She smiled at me and passed me the cigarette, which I declined. But was lost in thoughts about the bud that had a red lipstick mark around it from her rosy lips. I thought that I should have tried on the cigarette for the first time just to have a taste of her lips.

Once she finished her cigarette, she asked me, “Are you sleepy, or can we go for a walk around the resort?” I replied, “I am fresh and ready for a walk.” We both started walking along the perimeter of the resort, which was a nicely paved walking path.

We both were talking about the chores of the day and the sangeet dances. I was a bit clueless about the dances which she smiled, acknowledging the reason behind. It was because I was lost while staring at her. After a while of walking at a time, she was a good 2-3 steps ahead of me.

She was replying to her friend while I was enjoying the view of her ass. I do not know what overtook me at that time, but I could not control myself. I ended up spanking her ass and feeling it over the denim. She was shocked by the spank and was about to drop her phone.

She slowly turned around and smiled naughtily and asked, “What was that hero?” I replied, “I was not able to resist the temptation of spanking your hot ass. So I went ahead and satisfied the temptation of mine.”

She replied, “Do you think that spanking a single ass would satisfy your temptation that’s been there since the evening?” Her reply shocked me a bit, but I quickly moved to her other side. I spanked her other ass nice and harder this time around and felt it over the denim.

She turned around, smiled, and pinched my arm, saying, “My senior is revealing his naughty side today to me. I like that.” Her reply gave me the green signal that it’s going to be a good night. We both started to slowly walk again, but this time we were walking very close to each other.

My arm was around her waist. Many thoughts were running in my mind about a place where we can have a passionate time. In those thoughts, my fingers slipped inside her top, feeling her silky smooth waistline, in between trying to move down inside her pants.

We both were walking silently with her, just smiling in between or moaning in a low tone. I slid inside her denim, feeling her ass crack and rubbed my middle finger inside her crack deep. We soon reached a dark spot on the pavement, and this time around, she took the initiative to shock me.

She pushed me onto the sidewall of the parking plaza and pounced onto me, locking her lips with mine. Looks like the spanking and ass touch made her horny and wild as hell. I pulled her closer to myself and started enjoying her rosy lips.

We started with a normal smooch and soon turned it into a tongue fight where we both were enjoying each other’s saliva. In the meantime, my hands were roaming inside her top all over her back. Her hands were around my head, pulling me more into her for the smooch.

After around 10-15 minutes of deep smooch, we heard some noise and separated and quickly walked inside the parking plaza. In the parking plaza, she asked, “Do I know any of the rooms are free since you were given the responsibility of the rooms?”

I slowly nodded, “None of the rooms are free for tonight. But if you are up for some adventure, then I have a place in mind.” She nodded, yes. I held her by her hand and started walking towards my car in the parking plaza. It was parked in the end corner as I would be leaving last after the marriage.

She was still confused about where I was taking her but quietly kept walking. We reached the car, which was an SUV. It had ample space to accommodate us on the backside. I quickly unlocked the car, and quietly we both got inside the backseat of the car.

The seats of the back were folded due to the luggage I carried in the morning. We quickly folded the middle seat, and we had ample space for ourselves now. As we settled, we made sure none would notice us as we were in the rear end of the parking. We switched off the car lights.

Once we made ourselves comfortable in the car, Payal went wild and let herself onto me. She came over me, and we again started kissing each other hungrily with a nice tongue fight with saliva exchange. Slowly I lifted her top over her head and threw it away, revealing her prized possessions.

Her nice round firm breast cupped by her black bra. I removed her bra in a jiffy and placed it in my mouth, tasting her sweaty breast and aroma as well. In the meantime, she removed my t-shirt and threw it away. She started kissing me all over the upper body.

She started licking and biting from my neck down to the collar bone. It made her way to my nipples, which sent a shiver down my spine. She started kissing and sucking my nipples and giving bite marks around them. In between, she was pinching the other nipple.

Slowly she slid her hands down and removed my trouser and pushed it aside. She slowly made her way from my nipples down to my navel and kissed the tip of my rock solid cock. In a gulp, she took my cock and pushed it deep inside her throat and choked herself with it.

Slowly she realized the cock with strains of saliva running down from her lips to my cock. She smiled and asked, “How would you rate my performance at the interim?” I smiled and said, “Depends on how well she can treat me with her ass.”

She turned herself and made me face her ass. Bending down, she slowly removed her denim to reveal her hot ass that has been driving me mad since the evening. She was wearing a matching black G-string style panty. I gazed at her ass and spanked both her ass cheeks hard and massaging her ass.

In a while, due to the mixture of spanking and massaging, her milk-white ass was cherry red. I spread her ass cheeks apart and pushed my tongue onto her ass hole, and she started moaning crazily with each lick. After a while, I pushed my tongue into her already dripping pussy.

I inserted my middle finger into her wet ass hole with the other hand rubbing her bottom pussy lips. With both her holes being rubbed nice and hard, she was on cloud 9 and was moaning heavily and moving her ass closer to my lips.

Within a few minutes of pleasuring both her holes, she had a hard orgasm and came huge on my face. I drank till the last drop and cleaned her up. She lay down in the car and said, “Never had such pleasure from anybody till date,” while she was still breathing heavily.

She turned towards me after a minute or so and started running her hands around my rock solid cock. I was sucking her boobs and massaging them to my content. She chit chatted a bit with me, expressing that it’s her first time in the car and is liking the sex adventure.

I smiled and said the adventure is about to go to the next level. She regained her energy. She started licking around my cock and giving me a nice blow job with her red shaded lipstick and making me hard to the core. While she was licking me, I slowly opened the back door of the car to let the breeze come in.

That time I saw that there was another car parked behind us, and this led to a kinky idea to bang her. Being the driver of the groom, there were plenty of condoms in the car. I asked her to choose her flavor and wore the condom onto my cock and stepped out of the car.

I gave her a hand and helped her come out. She was a bit confused as to what I was up to this time around. I pushed her onto the bonnet of the car parked behind us and made her bend onto the bonnet. I bent down and placed myself onto her and slowly spread her legs apart.

Then I slowly pushed my cock inside her pussy and pushed it deep inside her. Once inside her, I got up, standing and let the cock rest there for a minute. I was playing with her back and ass crack tingling her to the core.

After a minute, I slowly started banging her pussy nice and deep. She knew no bounds. She started moaning with the pleasure and was trying to accommodate me deeper inside her pussy. After a while, I pulled her face up, holding her hair and whispered in her ears, “How do you feel now you hot slut of mine?”

She just nodded her head while moaning and tried smiling. I was pulling her hair from behind, lifting her head up while banging her pussy nice and hard. After a while of banging, she managed to push me away from her pussy. She tried catching breath, so did I.

I was sitting on the backside of the car when she walked up to me and said, “Get ready for a ride now, my fucking gigolo.” She pushed me to lie down half inside the car and climbed up on me and pushed the cock inside her pussy. She was in the driver seat now.

She started riding me like a pro going deeper and deeper as much as possible for her. I got up a bit and wrapped my hands around her and started licking and sucking her boobs hard. I was biting her pink nipples and pinching the other one in between while she was riding me and making me feel heaven.

After a while, we both came together. She pushed me down inside the car and lay down onto me while my cock was still inside her pussy. We both were breathing heavily and were feeling heaven. We both slowly kissed each other, and she moved away from me to lie down on the sides.

Slowly we regained our energy and started to dress ourselves up. We had lost track of time and were together for almost close to 2 hours. We dressed and moved out of the car. Payal was unable to walk straight with all the pounding she enjoyed. There were strains of cum flowing on her milky legs.

We quickly reached the hotel lobby, where we parted ways. I slowly entered the room so that I do not disturb the other guys and answer their never-ending questions. Once inside the bed, I was checking my mobile, and that was when I was in for another shock.

I got a WhatsApp message from another colleague of mine stating, “ I hope Payal was able to satisfy your lust,” with a wink. What happened next is an experience for another time.


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