Maaya deflowered – Passionate story of losing virginity

Maaya deflowered – Passionate story of losing virginity

Previous Part: Maaya And Me – The New Beginning

Hi everyone. This is Rajath from Bangalore. I am back with my real hardcore sex story of how Maaya was deflowered Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my previous stories.

Though this episode is part 5, I would like to call it ‘The Deflowering’ as it was the day on which my dream girl Maaya’s virginity was broken by my hungry erect dick of 6.5 inches. It was followed by three long and intensive sex sessions that laid the road for our 2 years live-in relationship.

Coming back to the story. I was completely pissed of by what happened on Saturday, 13th May 2017. My long-cherished dream of fucking Maaya had become half done. I was restless in whatever work I was doing. Saturday and Sunday got passed off.

Monday morning, like any other working professional, I was getting prepared to go to my workplace. All of a sudden, I got a call from Maaya. She asked me can I meet her for an hour. Though I was a bit hurt by her still said yes.

I informed my HOD that I will be late by half a day to college and went to Rajajinagar. As I was going, my mind was contemplating that I might get to fuck her today. When I met her near Rajajinagar metro station, I was surprised by her looks.

Because of late, she used to wear revealing dresses to tempt me. But that day, she was wearing a pink color kurta and a skin-colored legging. She was looking somewhat sober and dull.

So I felt that she is not in a seductive mood. In all probability, I will not be compensated for my loss of two days ago. So I got into a very normal mood and said ‘Hi’ to her.

Then she said she is feeling a bit low and wanted to spend some quiet moments with me. I patted on her shoulders and tried to cheer her up. I asked, ” So, what’s the plan?”

Maaya: Can you be with me for the whole day?

Me: Yes, I can be. But you asked me to meet for an hour, na?

Maaya: Ya, that’s true. But now I am feeling like being with you for the whole day.

Me: Okay, where to spend the whole day? Shall we go to a movie and then lunch?

Maaya: No, let’s stay in a quiet place. And you cook food today. (Maaya knew about my cooking talent).

Me (got into deep thinking): Oh, this is the plan, ha? Hmm… now I have to find a place where I can cook.

Maaya (at lightning speed with a cute smile): Eshwar’s flat is there na Rajath?

I got a sudden awakening in my mind. My mind started to think that the chance of fucking Maaya is still on. I immediately called Eshwar. Soon after saying hello and before I could say anything, Eshwar asked if I need his flat today. I was a bit embarrassed.

But my situation was like “Kaamathuranam, naa lajjam, naa bhaya.” Without any hesitation and without any shame, I said, “Yes, and right now I want.” Eshwar, with a smile, said, “Go, maccha, go. Any boy who has got the taste of privacy with a gal will like to have it repeatedly.”

I was so happy with Eshwar’s understanding and support. Hard to get such friends.

Maaya once again got into a lustful mood. Now all together, she started looking different for me. A few minutes ago, a sad and sober girl is now looking like a sex siren to me. We went into nearby Reliance Fresh and purchased vegetables and groceries for cooking.

Without wasting any time, we reached Eshwar’s flat in Basvangudi. As I am opening the flat door, Maaya held my shoulders and gave an amazing kiss on my right cheek. Her kissing sound mixed with the sexy aroma from her body gave me an instant boner.

I was in no mood to wait. Opened the flat door and straight away took Maaya to the bedroom. I even forgot to lock the flat door. Only after our first round of sex, I got to know the door is not closed. Luckily there was no one on that floor, thanks to busy Monday.

This time there was no foreplay like earlier. I was not ready to miss this chance. So without wasting any time, I removed Maaya’s clothes and made her naked. Even I also became naked in no time.

When she is in complete flesh, looking at your girl with full of body curves without a single piece of clothes is eternal bliss. Oh God, the feeling of being stark naked with your partner in privacy is the epitome of lust and ecstasy.

Maaya’s face turned completely red. Lust was oozing out of her eyes like anything. Without her effort and knowledge, starting from her tiny sexy lips. A beautiful smile was moving all around her naked body. We both were living the moment like it’s not going to come again.

I made Maaya sleep on the bed. I also got into bed by her side. Gave a sweet kiss on her forehead, eyes, the tip of her nose, cheeks, chin, and finally to her pinkish lips. When our lips met, the lust within us shot up to such great heights that I got a sense of dizziness.

Then pressed her boobs a bit hard to make her moan. With every moan, my dick was rising and jumping in joy. Now I went on to her top. Placed my knees on both sides of her waist such that I was sitting on her just below the navel region.

My erect penis tip touched her deep navel while my ass cheeks were pressed on to the upper portion of her pussy. Her wet pussy was sticking her arousal fluid to my ass cheeks while my penis precum was dripping into her deep navel.

Maaya was in ecstasy. Her love juice was flowing in excess. She was moaning with her half-closed eyes. She was enjoying every bit of our lovemaking. By this time, my dick was hard rock and was eager to enter Maaya’s glory hole. Without wasting any time, I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

I just looked at her face. She had surrendered herself entirely to the lust. With one jerk, I pushed my dick inside Maaya’s vagina. As Maaya was a virgin it could not go inside wholly. Maaya returned to her sense due to the pain. She held my waist and stopped me from another push.

Blood started oozing out of her vagina, and for the first time, the pleasure was overtaken by pain. I slowed down my speed and started slowly in and out moment of my dick. Also, I caressed all over her body with sweet kisses. This gave her a soothing effect.

Now Maaya got into the rhythm of lovemaking, and the beast within me grew bigger. I held her shoulders and started banging her vagina. With every push, my dick touched the deepest part of her vagina. And with every action of mine, Maaya was giving horny expressions with arousing moans.

Finally, here I am, deflowering my girl after 6 years of waiting. The feeling was beyond any words. Now I was in ecstasy and went on to top gear. Maybe it was some 8 to 10 hard shots I released my cum deep inside Maaya’s vagina. The feeling which I got, I am going to treasure it forever.

Then we slept for some 15 minutes. Then the lust inside Maaya aroused. She started kissing my lips, followed by kissing all over my chest. I wanted Maaya to give me a heavenly blowjob.

In the next part, I will narrate the remaining three bang bang sessions on the same day.


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