Making Her Mine In Her House – Romantic Love Making Story

Making Her Mine In Her House – Romantic Love Making Story

Hi, friends, Rohit again. Those who didn’t read the previous parts, please read them first. Before coming to the story, I would like to request a special person, ‘Ranjana’ who requested me to write this story, please give your valuable feedback.

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After the bath, we both came to the sitting room and waiting for Samar. I held her hand and pulled her towards me. She sat near me. I wrapped my hand around her neck and gave a kiss on her cheek. She put her fingers on my lips and stopped me. “Rohit, don’t be naughty, Samar will come at any moment.”

I didn’t protest and put my head on her lap and sleep. She was playing with my hair. I buried my face in her belly above the dress and wrapped her waist with my hands. she told nothing. We were feeling each other’s presence. She moved her fingers on my hair.

She was caressing my entire face with her soft finger. I kissed on her belly. her two big soft juicy melons were just above my head. a few times it touched my head but I didn’t bother. Suddenly my mobile rang. It was Samar. I picked up the phone.

Samar: Hi buddy, how are you?
Me: Fine.
Samar:  Where are you now?
Me: I was sleeping on your sofa and waiting for you.

Samar: And Ranjana, where is she?
Me: She is in her bedroom with Labu. (I winked at Ranjana and she laughed silently)
Samar: Buddy I have bad news for you.

Me: Bad news! What do you mean?
Samar: Yaar today night I can’t come back home because of our project submission. The day after tomorrow we have to submit our project.

Me: What are you saying? (I showed some anger but inside I was very happy) Did you inform Ranjana?
Samar: No, I can’t face her. She will be very angry.

Me: What is this, yaar? I have taken 2 days leave just for you guys and you are telling me that you will not come home for the next 2 days. This is not fair. Tomorrow morning I will catch the first available flight to Kolkata.

Samar: Please, yaar, don’t be angry. I want a favor from you.
Me: What?
Samar: Today is 19th, I will submit my project on 21st, and 21st evening I will be back. Stay at home for the next 3 days.

Me: Ok, but what do you want?
Samar: 1st tell Ranjana about this because I can’t face her. And 2nd you please stay with them up to 21st, until I am back.
Me: But bro Ranjana may not be comfortable.

Ranjana was listening to our talk. She pecked on my cheek and smiled.
Samar: No brother she will be happy if you stay. You are a very good friend to both of us. And I am sure that Ranjana will be happy if you stay there. By this maybe her anger will little down.

Me: Ok, brother, as you wish.
Samar: Thank you very much. Please tell this to Ranjana. Bye
I cut the phone and pulled her face down. We again went into a deep liplock. Finally, I left her and she looked at me with pure love.

Ranjana: So from now onwards up to 21st you will be my loving hubby. Ok?
Me: As you please, my princess.
Ranjana laughed out loudly. Ranjana took her mobile and called Samar. As if just now I told her.

Ranjana: What is this Samar? …This is not done…I don’t want to talk with you anymore.

I could only hear her voice but not his reply. When Ranjana was talking with Samar on phone I was sucking her nipples above the dress. She tried to push me but didn’t able to do it with one hand. She was controlling her moan and breathe so that Samar couldn’t doubt anything.

But she understood that she couldn’t control it for much more time. So, she cut the call and looked at me. Ranjana held my hair with her hands pulled it forcefully.

Me: It’s painful.
Ranjana: Why did you do that when I was talking with Samar?
I didn’t answer but smiled.
Me: Don’t worry, your husband asked me to take care of you properly.

And winked at her. Ranjana blushed and slapped on my face playfully. I held her hands and pulled her to me. She stopped me and said, “First let me prepare our dinner.”
Me: Ranjana, don’t need to prepare our dinner. I am ordering from outside. You please decide on the menu.

Ranjana was happy. She ordered some food for our dinner and asked them to deliver by 9 pm. Then she got up and went to her bedroom. I followed her. she sat on the bed just beside Labu. I sat on the other side of the bed. Ranjana woke her up. Labu opened her eyes and looked at us.

Ranjana: Sweetheart please wake up. It is dinner time.
Labu: Ok mama.

We both were then chitchatting and playing with Labu. We were enjoying the moment. Around 9 pm our dinner came. I received the food and paid the bill. Ranjana said, “First let me feed Labu then we both will have our dinner.” I nodded my head.

After dinner, Ranjana prepared her bed to sleep. Labu was not ready to sleep. She wanted to listen to bedtime stories. Slowly Labu went to sleep. I got up from the bed and headed towards my room. Ranjana held my hand and stopped. I looked at her.

Ranjana: Rohit, today you will sleep with us in this master bedroom.
Me: I thought that we were going to sleep in my room.
Ranjana: No, you will sleep with us in this room. But before that, we will spend some time in that room.

Me: Yes my princess. But I have one request.
Ranjana: What?

Me: I never see you in a sari. So, I want that you come to my room wearing a red sari with matching blouse and petticoat. You also wear red lipstick on your lips.
Ranjana: Lipstick? At the sleeping time? You are mad. (and smiled)

Me: Let me finish. Inside you will wear your most sexy lingerie set. And prepare yourself like that you are going to attend some party.
Ranjana: Ok. If you want in that way, I will be ready like that only.
Me: Thank you Jaan, and gave a light kiss on her lips.

I went to my room. I was waiting for Ranjana. I took out my DSLR camera and kept it ready. I wanted to take her some beautiful pic. After around half an hour Ranjana entered my room. She was looking like Rati Devi, who just came down from heaven.

Red sari and a red blouse with red lipstick made her so elegant, yet hot and sexy. I can’t find any word to describe her beauty. I was looking at her. I was silent. I couldn’t talk. I was completely mesmerized. She stood in front of me and softly touch my cheek.

I came back from the lost world. She was smiling at me.
Ranjana: What happened love? Why are you looking at me like this?

Me: You don’t know how beautiful you are? Let me take your few pictures.

Ranjana: Please no.
Me: Don’t say no, today I am your husband.
Ranjana: Ok, dear husband.

I took my camera and clicked her pic in various positions. Then I moved to her and slide her pallu a little so that her cleavage could be seen a little. Again I clicked some pictures like that. I took one close up shot of her face. Then I asked her to bent down a little and looked up at the camera.

She was looking super sexy. A real sex bomb. I got my boner but before that. I wanted to click her pictures.
Ranjana: Now enough of your photography.
Me: I want some more.

Ranjana came to me and opened all my dresses one by one and then sat on her knees in front of me. She held my vest and pulled down. My hard dick sprang out and heat her forehead. She held my dick tightly and kissed on the tip.

Ranjana: Your monster is ready but you are only taking my pictures. Do you want to take some pictures?

She winked at me and took my hard dick in her mouth. It was looking fabulous from the top. Her face, bright cleavage, and my dick. I started taking her pic from the top. In one picture she was licking my cock head and looking at me. In another pic, she was taking my mushroom head in her mouth and sucking.

Her face was seen. In one pic she was holding my cock and sucking my balls and looking at the camera. I kept the camera and pulled her up. I took her in my lap and pressed her on the wall. I moved my face close to her. We could feel each other’s hot breathe. Her nostrils were going big with her every breath.

I placed her on the floor. She was standing on the ground. I took her hands and pinned down on the wall over her head. I looked at her face. I was looking at her beautiful face. She closed her eyes and waiting for my lips. Her lips were shivering. But I didn’t move. I was just looking at her beautiful face.

I was observing closely how beautiful she is? A few minutes later, she opened her eyes. She saw that I was observing her face. Every inch of her face, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, everywhere I was watching deeply. She blushed.

Ranjana: What are you doing?
Me: I am observing, how beautiful you are?

Ranjana moved forward her face and tried to kiss on my lips. I gave a small kiss on her lips. I looked down and saw her fairy, buttery cleavage. her red blouse made a perfect contrast with her fair skin. Finally, I pressed my lips on her. We were going into a deep liplock.

We were hungrily eating each other’s lips. I ate her red lipstick. Almost half an hour we were smooching like mad. Finally, we broke. We both were panting for breath. I bent down and licked her neck and shoulders. She held my hair tightly and moaned.

I licked and kissed her entire upper chest which was not covered with her blouse. I pushed my tongue inside her cleavage and licked. I opened her blouse button one by one. I slid her blouse and removed it. She was wearing a lacy transparent bra. She was looking very hot. I licked and kissed her cleavage.

Ranjana’s knees became weak. she couldn’t stand on her feet anymore. “Please take me to the bed, I can’t stand anymore,” Ranjana said. I took her in my lap and made her sleep on the bed. She was lying on her back. she opened her arms and called me.

I got up on the bed and again pressed my lips on her. I took my hand in her back and opened her bra hook. I sucked her nipples above the bra. She was moaning loudly. She removed her bra on her own and pulled my face on her juicy melons.

I was licking, kissing and biting her soft, buttery melons with full intensity. I gave several bite marks on her white soft boobs. Ranjana was moaning loudly with pain and pleasure. I bit her nipples with my teeth and pulled. She screamed in pain. But she loved that pleasure mixed pain.

I opened the knot of her petticoat and took it out from her body. she was now wearing only her lacy transparent black panty. I moved down and bit on her pussy above the panty. She was trembling with pleasure. That day she didn’t have any fear because Samar was not there.

So Ranjana was screaming and moaning loudly without any fear. I removed her panty and put my face on her pussy. She held my head and pressed on her cunt lips. “Oh,  Rohit, suck my pussy, lick it.” Her words gave me more enthusiasm. I licked and sucked her pussy lips thoroughly.

I pushed my tongue inside her pussy hole and gave her a tongue fuck. She was shivering with pleasure. I turned her and bit her soft white butt with full force. I gave my teeth mark on her soft butt. I pressed and fondled her butt with full force. She was jumping on the bed.

I put my face on her back and licked throughout her spine. Ranjana was trembling and shivering. I turned her and came upon her. I placed my hard dick on her pussy entrance. She held my dick and guided me to her glory hole. I held her both the boobs and pushed my dick inside her cunt.

My dick went easily inside her. I took out my shaft and again rammed in her pussy with full force. It went completely. Ranjana wrapped her hands around my back. “Rohit, fuck your jaan. Take out all my juices with your piston.” Her encouragement gave me extra power.

I was pumping her cunt with full speed and full force. I took her legs on my shoulder and placed a pillow under her waist. Then I was fucking her glory hole at full speed. In that position, my shaft directly hit her pussy, which gave her immense pleasure.

She moved her head from right to left and moaned, “Rohit I love you, you are so good. Fuck me, fuck your jaan.” Within a few minutes, she was reaching her climax. Ranjana scratched my back and with several jerks released her juices. After her orgasm, she laid on the bed like a dead log.

I could see a complete satisfaction in her face. I took out my dick and placed my face on her pussy. I sucked her all pussy juices and ate. It was very very tasty. I cleaned her pussy by licking and sucking. Again I moved up and laid beside her. My dick was still hard, but Ranjana collapsed on the bed.

Suddenly I got an idea. I knew that her ass was a virgin. Still date Samar didn’t fuck her asshole because Ranjana didn’t allow. I wanted to take that opportunity and fuck her asshole. I got excited to think that I was going to take her anal virginity.

I turned her and now she was lying on her front. Her back was facing me. I took some cream and applied it to her asshole. I slowly massaged her asshole. After that, I pushed my middle finger in her asshole. Her asshole was very tight. I applied some force and now it went completely in her asshole.

I slowly and softly fingered her asshole. Ranjana was getting back her senses slowly. Almost 10 minutes I was fingering her asshole and with other hand massaging her clit. Ranjana got back her senses. She turned her head towards me and asked, “Rohit what are you doing? You want to take my anal virginity?”

Me: Yes.
Ranjana: Ok love, anything for you, but one request please be gentle.

I was very happy that Ranjana permitted me to fuck her asshole. I made her in the doggy style and positioned myself on her back. I placed my hard throbbing shaft on her asshole. I put some cream on my hard shaft and applied a little on her asshole. I pushed my dick slowly. It didn’t go inside even an inch.

I understood that it needed some forceful push. I again positioned myself and gave a hard push. My dick went half inside her asshole. Ranjana eas screaming like anything. I stopped my movement and massaged her clit. She was crying and sobbing with pain.

Once I thought that I took my dick out because I couldn’t just ignore her pain. “Ranjana I am taking it out,” I told.
Ranjana: Why?
Me: Because you are going through a lot of pain.

Ranjana: I know you love me very much, but I want to try.

I bent down and licked her back, nibbled her nipples alternatively and massaged her clit with other hands. slowly her pain reduced. I again took out and pushed my dick inside her asshole with full force. This time it went inside her asshole completely. Again I stopped my movement and waited for some time.

I nibbled her nipples and massaging her clit while licking and kissing her back.
Ranjana tried to adjust my cock in her asshole. I slowly started my movement. After a few minutes, I was fucking her asshole, pressing her hanging boobs, licking her back and massaging her clit.

All my actions continued simultaneously. Ranjana was feeling pain mixed pleasure. Her asshole was very tight. I couldn’t hold my juices for a long time. Finally, I pushed my dick deep inside her asshole and released my juices. At the same time, Ranjana released her juices on my hand.

I took out my limped cock and laid beside her. we both completely exhausted. She hugged me and put her head on my chest. I wrapped her in my arms. We were lying there like that, almost half an hour.

Ranjana: Let’s go to our bedroom, Labu is sleeping alone.
Me: Yes, let’s go.

Ranjana got down from the bed, but she didn’t walk properly. I took her in my lap and went to her bedroom. We both were naked completely. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I put her down on the bed. She pushed Labu to the one side of the bed and she slept in the middle.

She tried to wear her nightdresses but I stopped her. she didn’t object but smiled. I switched off the light and put the night lamp. The night lamp was the pink color. I got up on the bed and slept beside her and wrapped a blanket upon us. We hugged each other tightly. We both were very happy.

We were talking to each other in a very low voice so that Labu’s sleep shouldn’t be disturbed.
Me: Ranjana can I ask you something very personal?
R: yes Rohit of course. Anything you can ask.

Me: Is there anybody else in your life other than your hubby?
R: No, but why are you asking?
Me: I mean did you have any boyfriend in your college days? Or any crush?

Ranjana paused for a second and then said,
R: Yes I had one boyfriend in my college time.
Me: Then what happened? Why didn’t you marry him?

R: He was not established at that moment and he was also younger than me. So nobody in our family accepted that relation. So we both decided to break our relation.

Me: Did you have any physical intimacy?
R: Yes a little but not the full course.

Me: Means? Tell me in detail. I want to know.

Ranjana told me the story of her college boyfriend. I will tell that to you in the next part.

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