Visit by police officer – Lesbian story of 2 professionals

Visit by police officer – Lesbian story of 2 professionals

Previous Part: Tenant To The Hot Indian Lady Professor

Hello guys, thanks for the feedback on my previous part of my story. Please read this story as well too.

It has been a month since my professor Apoorva, and I started our secret affair. I didn’t move back to the hostel. I continued to stay in the apartment, paying her with sex as rent. I heard the doorbell ring as I just got back from classes.

I opened the door and stared at the angry-looking police officer. She was over 6 feet. Her busty tits and hair tied into a bun made her look sexy. Her tight in-shirt khaki police uniform made her look sexier.

On her tight shirt, there was a badge that said, ‘Rashi.’ She shouted, “Are you Sam?” I was wondering why she was here and replied, “Yes,” in a confused tone.

“You are under arrest!” she said furiously.

I was perplexed. I wasn’t able to comprehend what was happening.

Officer Rashi turned me around, pushed me against a wall with her brute force. It was painful. She then slapped handcuffs on my wrists. I shouted, “Wait, what’s happening? Why are you arresting me? What did I do?”

She replied, “The owner of this house and a professor in your college, Ms. Apoorva, has lodged a complaint against you for sexually harassing her. You will be punished accordingly, you son of a bitch ”

“What? What the hell are you talking about? Our sexual relations are consensual! I never harassed her!” I interrupted!

“Enough, Rash! Let him go!” said professor Apoorva hiding beside the door all this time!

“What, c’mon, Apu! Why do you always ruin the fun!” said officer Rashi.

I was very confused as Rashi unlocked the handcuffs and patted me on the back.

“You should’ve seen his face,” laughed Rashi while putting her hand around Apoorva’s shoulder.

“What the hell is going on here?” I shouted.

“Sam, this is Rashi. One of my closest friends and the new Sub Inspector of our area. She was just transferred today. She’s a prankster and a very naughty one at that. I asked her to leave you alone, but she never listens,” explained the professor.

“It’s okay, buddy, chill! You actually look good for being Apu’s boy toy,” smirked the officer.

“He isn’t my boy toy, Apu. He. He is just my student and a tenant,” said Apoorva.

“don’t even try to fool me, Apu! I’m a fucking police officer! I can tell when people lie!” said Rashi.

“Well, hmm,” the professor had nothing to say.

“At least he satisfies you unlike your ex-husband,” said Rashi, and even the professor started laughing.

“Well then, I need to fresh up. I’m going to take a shower. Bye, Sam,” said Rashi as she left downstairs.

“She’s a wild one! She’s the only one that always understood me,” said the professor. “Sam, she’s gonna stay with me for a couple of days till her quarter gets ready. I have to go cook dinner, baby! Bye!” said the professor. She grabbed my penis in one hand, kissed me, and started walking downstairs.

“So, what about our plans for tonight?” I asked as I was waiting to relieve my day’s stress by taking it out on the professor’s pussy. “I’ve got other plans for tonight,” the professor gave a wink and disappeared into her house.

That night, I needed a stress-buster, so I turned to the game. I was in my 6th classic PUBG match when I started to hear high-pitched noises. I took my headphones off, and the noises became clear. They weren’t noises but moans! I started following the moans downstairs.

I could clearly recognize the moaning of Apoorva anywhere. I tried to open the main door, but it was locked. So, I tried to go around the house. The window to her bedroom was slightly open. I tried to peek a glance at what was going on inside.

Apoorva was experiencing an intense high feeling as she was sitting on the bed with one hand for support. The other hand was on the head of officer Rashi, who was beautifully eating the professor’s pussy. I could see the smile on Rashi’s face as she tried to bite Apoorva’s pussy.

Apoorva left a sharp, painful but delighted gasp as she pushed Rashi’s face into her pussy. I had an intense boner as I was watching the scene unravel before me. Rashi pushed Apoorva on to the bed and jumped on her like a wild animal. They started kissing passionately. It was Apoorva’s turn now.

Apoorva was on the top. She started kissing Rashi’s next and started moving down. I could clearly see Rashi’s beautiful round breasts as Apoorva was squeezing one of them.

At the same time, she started sucking the other passionately. There was a broad smile across Rashi’s lips, and she moaned weakly.

Apoorva went further down and started licking Rashi’s pussy. I know how Apoorva uses her tongue to please her partner. So, I could feel it when Rashi started moaning. Rashi’s thighs were folded, and one of Rashi’s hands was on her nipple. She started pinching it, and the other was on Apoorva’s head.

My dick was very hard, and I couldn’t do anything anymore. I pulled out my dick and started jerking it. Their moans were very sexy, and I couldn’t hold myself still. Then Rashi pulled the clit licking Apoorva up, and made her sit on her pussy.

They started scissoring. Their clits were rubbing each other at a moderate speed. I increased my jerking speed as they gradually increased their scissoring speed. I could hear Rashi moaning, “Aahh aaah Apu! Please,” and shared a kiss and started moaning again.

Their beautiful busty tits were bouncing and gleamed in the light due to sweat and saliva on the nipples. Their sexy waists and thighs moved, rubbing each other as they started to moan louder.

I never knew that watching ladies fuck each other would give me such pleasure. As they moaned louder, indicating reaching climax, I was on the verge to ejaculate.

And coincidentally, we three came at the same time. The two ladies kissed and fell on the bed, and I let out a little moan as I jerked off to the best lesbian sex I’ve ever witnessed.

I heard Rashi saying, “I missed this Apu. Missed you.” Apu smiled, and they kissed again.

I went back to my room and continued playing. But my thoughts were all about the busty figure of officer Rashi on the sexy professor Apoorva. Their steamy hot bodies bouncing on each other and their voluptuous lips sucking each other’s juicy tits and pussy wouldn’t leave my thoughts.

The officer’s tight and busty ass was one in a million. And Apoorva’s skills with the tongue were unmatchable. All I now wanted was night, with the police officer’s wild passion and the professor’s sensual moans. I couldn’t anticipate that my fantasy was soon to be a reality.

Thanks for reading about the police officer and my professor.


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