Making my mother-in-law and sister-in-law my wives! [Indian sex story]

Making my mother-in-law and sister-in-law my wives! [Indian sex story]

My sex life was going very well as Nisha (my wife) was not at home and I and my mother-in-law used to openly have sex. We fucked whenever possible. My love for my mother-in-law Malati was increasing and she loved me equally.

During that time, our company had agreed to do a delivery project for a client and I became very busy with work. I was working 16 hours a day for the last 4 weeks. I missed making love to my MIL. Since I used to come home very late, I had asked my mother-in-law to sleep and not to wait for me. I had the spare key to the house.

Finally, my project came to end and I came home exhausted. I went straight to the bed and slept hugging my Malati. Since my project was over, my manager had given a day off and I woke up very late. My kids had gone to play-school and Malati was alone at the house. She was cooking in the kitchen.

She heard me wake up and started talking to me and continued preparing lunch. I said, “Sorry for the last few weeks. I will make it up to you.”

“Let’s go out and have lunch and maybe watch a movie as we have time till 4:00 pm till kids come back home.”

My mother-in-law agreed. So I asked her to get ready and went to take a shower. I got ready and was wore a t-shirt and jeans. Malati was also ready and was wearing a sari and looking so sexy. She was looking like a South Indian actress who is in the 40s!

I went near my mother-in-law and my hands touched her face and my fingers brushed her lips. She closed her eyes when I did that. I slowly kissed her lips. We kissed for almost 10 minutes. She was hugging me very tightly.

Since we were getting late and had to return early home, we head out for lunch to a restaurant which was at a nearby mall. The time was noon and there was not much crowd.

We ordered some chicken masala and rotis with paulav and ended the meals with a dessert. It was close to 1 pm and there was a Hindi movie running in one of the multiplexes which was at 1:15 (it was 2 hours and 15 minutes movie). It gave us time to go back home by 4:00 pm.

The theatre was not very crowded and we occupied the corner seats. There was no one sitting near us or in the front or back row. My mother-in-law sat to my left and rested her head on my shoulders and was holding my hands.

In between the movie, I started to kiss her on her forehead, cheeks, and sometimes on her lips. She was enjoying and was pressing my hands harder. There were some romantic scenes in the movie and my cock started getting hard.

I moved her hands over my pant zip. She looked into my eyes and smiled. She then moved her pallu to cover my pant. She unzipped my pant and released my cock.

Then my mother-in-law slowly started to rub on my cock-head. It was a great feeling and in no time, my cock was fully hard.

She reached out to her handbag and took out the kerchief. She again resumed her act of jerking my cock with her right hand. Her other hand was inside my shirt and pinching my nipples. She was also touching my balls. It was a wonderful feeling.

Then I put my hands inside her blouse, squeezed her breasts, and pinched her nipples. I was not able to hold for longer and soon, I shot my cum. My mother-in-law used the kerchief to clean my cum.

We finished the movie and reached home on time to receive the kids. The kids came home. We had packed a few snacks from the mall for the kids. Then they went to play with our neighbour’s kids. We knew they would return only in a couple of hours.

I was really horny again by the earlier act and wanted to feel my mother-in-law’s pussy and fuck her hard!

Malati was clearing in the kitchen and I went behind her, hugged her and started kissing her on her neck, cheeks, and biting her ears. She felt my erection and pushed her ass against my hard cock.

I quickly inserted my hands inside her blouse and squeezed her breasts. My fingers were feeling her nipples and circling over them. My wife’s mother’s nipples were erect and she started moaning, “Hmmmmm.. hmmmm.. I missed you for weeks, my love. Fuck me hard today.. My pussy had been dry.”

She then turned around and we quickly became naked. I made her sit on the kitchen counter-top. I spread her legs and pushed my cock inside her pussy. She was holding my shoulders and squeezing them hard.

I started fucking my mother-in-law faster and she started screaming and making sounds,


We fucked for almost 10 minutes. I was ready to shoot and she was also ready to cum. Soon I loaded my sperm inside my wife’s mother and it started overflowing with a mix of my sperm and her cum.

We were in that position for a few more minutes and both were sweating.

Then we both went to the bathroom for taking a shower. My mother-in-law applied soap all over my body and started to rub my cock and my asshole.

She asked me to turn and now my back was facing her now. She started stroking my cock from behind and inserted her fingers into my asshole! Wow! It felt so good and was a different feeling which I had never experienced.

I was not able to control and immediately pulled her in front of me and started fucking her again. We had a good fuck session in the bathroom for another 10 minutes.

Our sex lives continued like that and we were enjoying like teenagers. One day my mother-in-law gave me the good news that she was pregnant. I was so delighted and was happy.

I asked my mother-in-law what will we tell my wife and she had a plan. She said that we will tell Nisha that the child was from one of the far relatives who died in an accident. And since no one was there to take care of the child, I adopted her and now it’s mine and Nisha’s child.

It sounded like a good plan and I was all in for the game. We visited a gynecologist for Malati’s checkup and given her age, the doctor advised on the complications. She advised us to be careful and avoid sex. I was a bit disappointed but was happy at the same time for the new arrival (token of mine and Malati’s love).

Things continued as usual and one day when I returned from the office, I saw my MIL worried. I asked her what happened and she said it was Neeta (my mother-in-law’s second daughter).

Neeta was married for almost 4 years and she had not conceived. She was 27 and her in-laws started talking bad of her and were forcing their son to get remarried. I told Malati not to worry and to bring her to Pune. Pune had specialty hospitals for these issues and I can take care of everything.

Hearing this, my mother-in-law was delighted and immediately phoned Neeta. She spoke to Neeta and her in-laws and convinced them to send Neeta for a few months do that she can get checked in the specialty hospital. They agreed and I booked train tickets for Neeta to come.

I picked her from the station. I could see she was very dull.

Coming to Neeta, she was not very fair like her mother or my wife Nisha. She was a bit on the dark side like her father. She was attractive and a bit plump with body size 36-34-38. I never had any sexual feelings towards her till date.

The next day, I took leave from the office and took Neeta to the hospital along with Malati for the check-up.

Since I had some good contacts, I was able to get an appointment from one of the best doctors. She examined Neeta and asked us to get some tests done. The tests were s bit expensive like 25,000 Rs and Neeta was not sure if her husband will bear the expense.

I paid for it and told Neeta not to worry and she was my responsibility. She gave all the tests and the lab said that it will take a week for the results.

In the meantime, I wanted to cheer up my wife’s sister Neeta and planned to take her for a movie and then for dinner. Since Malati had complications and we had not told this to anyone, she stayed back. The kids also did not want to come as they were watching some interesting cartoons.

I forced Neeta to come out as this will be a good change for her. She got dressed in saree. I bought some jasmine flowers for her and she was very happy.

We went to the mall, then to the movie and finally, we had Chinese for dinner. She was very happy by end of the day and while returning, she said that her husband never took her out and worked all 7 days and was only behind money.

Even on Sunday afternoon when the shop was closed, he goes out with his friends and does not care about her. This had been the best evening and she felt jealous of Nisha for getting such a lovable husband.

She said this with shyness and ran inside the house. That was the first time I saw her in a different way and started to admire her beauty. She was looking very sexy but I immediately thought that it was not right.

I used to take my wife’s sister Neeta out on alternate days and sometimes, we used to go for walk. Malati did not mind as she wanted her daughter to be happy.

One week passed and we met the doctor with the results. The doctor looked at it and said everything seemed to be normal and the problem must be with her husband.

We came home and Neeta started crying. I asked her, “Shall I talk to your husband or in-laws?”

She was very afraid and said that they will never accept that anything is wrong with their son and will not allow for any tests.

It was late and we finally went to bed. My MIL and sister-in-law continued to chat and went to the other room to sleep.

In the morning, I saw Neeta staring at me and as soon as I saw her, she immediately went to her room. I asked Malati what happened and she said that she had told Neeta everything about us and Neeta was very happy for her mother and about how I show love for women.

My MIL also suggested something which was really a shock for me. She said she has discussed in detail with Neeta and both agreed to this proposal. The proposal was for me to make Neeta pregnant! My immediate reaction was “NO” and I left for office. But the thought was in my mind throughout the day.

When I returned from the office, Malati requested me to reconsider her request and help to save her daughter’s marriage. She forced me and for the sake of love towards my Malati, I had to do this. I was helpless and agreed.

My MIL was very happy and conveyed this to Neeta. I could see a smile on Neeta’s face far from the hall. Maliti also said that there was one condition. Neeta did not want to cheat and only her husband can touch her. So, I had to marry Neeta and make her my wife!

I was ok with that and my MIL planned for a marriage date. She also informed Neeta’s in-laws that the treatment will take a few more weeks and Neeta will be in Pune for a few months.

It was Friday when the marriage was fixed. My mother-in-law took us to a nearby temple and I tied the knot. My sister-in-law Neeta was now my wife as well and I was the lucky guy to fuck all the women in the family and all three were my wives!!

In my next episode – my first night and six days with my wife’s sister Neeta and how she became pregnant.

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