The last resort for the last humans – Aunt nephew sex story

The last resort for the last humans – Aunt nephew sex story

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We headed towards the bathroom as the last resort for a refreshing bath. As soon as we entered, Maasi asked, “Do you want to enjoy the shower or the bathtub?” I said, “Let’s begin with the bathtub, and then maybe we can clean up in the shower.” Maasi naughtily smiled and went to fill the bathtub.

As she bent down to turn on the taps, I went towards her and started sliding my cock against her wet pussy. She said, “Oh, look at you, young man! We just had smoking hot sex, and you still are ready for a round 2!”

I said, “With a hot woman like you, I can go for infinite rounds.” She laughed and then bent towards me and started sucking my cock. She was sitting down while I was standing, looking at her sucking my dick. She sucked my cock until the bathtub was filled, and then we both went into the bathtub.

She was sitting on one end, and I was sitting on the other. I started feeling her legs. I told her how much I loved her legs and that I had an extreme fetish for them. She smiled and said, “They are all yours, Suraj.”

I told her to put one leg’s toes into my mouth and massage my cock with the other leg. She did as I commanded. I was sucking on her toes, and I could see she was enjoying every bit of it. After some time, she said, “That’s it, Suraj. I can’t control this anymore. Come, fuck me hard.”

I said, “You want me to put my cock inside your hungry pussy, you bitch? “She naughtily smiled and said, “No, I want you to fuck my asshole. I always wanted to try anal.” I was amazed by the level of her horniness.

We quickly shifted to the doggy position, and then I inserted my cock inside her asshole in a jerk. She shouted and then kept shouting. But she did not want me to stop. She was screaming, “Yes, Suraj! Just like that! fuck your aunty’s butthole hard.”

I removed the condom since we were having anal sex, and I wanted to feel all of it. After fucking for a while, I told her that I was about to cum. She asked me to cum straight inside her asshole. I did as she said, and then I gazed at my sperm dripping out of her ass.

Then, I fingered her pussy until she had an orgasm. We then went to the shower, and I cleaned her up. I started with her face – that beautiful soft face of hers. I kissed every inch of her face and then went down – first her neck, then her big melon boobs.

The nipples were so perky, and she was enjoying my tongue on her nipples. Then I kissed her belly and then her pussy. Then I told her to turn back, and I spanked her ass. She gasped and said, “Ouch! You naughty boy! Spanking your masi!”

I spanked her again and said, “Do you want me to stop?” I could see that she loved getting dominated. She said, “No.” I spanked her again and said, “Say it louder! Say that you want your master to spank your big ass hard!”

She said, “Please spank me, master! Spank your bitch hard!” I spanked her again and then kissed her ass. We had fun playing this fun little game. We finally came out and decided that we should go to the beach and have some fun there.

I was going to get my swimsuit when masi said, “Suraj, don’t wear your swimsuit! “I asked her, “Why? What happened?” She smiled and said, “I want to roam naked with you.” I laughed and said, “If that happens, I will never be able to calm my cock down. It will always stay erected with your hot body around me.”

She smiled and said, “It’s okay! I get horny and wet when I see that monster as well! But we both will get used to it! and till then, we can just keep fucking! ” I laughed, and then we simply went out naked. I already had an erected cock, but maasi told me to control.

She first took me to some store so that we could get some condoms. She said, “Since we will be fucking a lot, let’s just get loads and loads of condoms.” I said, “Okay, but when will I get to feel you pussy naked?”

She said, “Beta, we have just started to fuck! Let’s take some time to have fun, and then we’ll think about it.” I agreed, and then we went to the store.

I asked her, “What flavor does my bitch want?” Maasi said, ” All of them! I want to taste your cock in every possible way.” I spanked her ass and said, “Good.” We filled our bag with a lot of condoms, and then we headed towards the beach.

The afternoon was over, and the evening had just begun. The sunset looked beautiful, and we were sitting together on the beach. My erection was gone, and I had started to feel normal with maasi around me.

She held my hand and said, ” I love you so much!” I kissed her on her lips and told her that I loved her too. She said, “Suraj, will you like to marry me?” I got shocked and said, “What?”

She replied, “Yes, Suraj, I’m serious. I know it does not matter since we are together anyway. But I want to have more romantic feelings with you. I want to actually be your wife, and love you that way.”

I smiled and kissed her very hard. I said, “Maasi! I love you, and always will love you! I am ready to do anything for you. And I am ready to marry you! ”

She said, “Thank you so much! I’m so happy. We can just go to a marriage resort where marriages used to occur and casually do some of the rituals. Then we can even go for a honeymoon.” We decided we’ll do this tomorrow.

Maasi said, “Look at the sunset! I love this moment. Holding hands with you, sitting on the beach, gazing at the beautiful scenery!” I said, “Yes! I am enjoying gazing at your beauty! ”

Maasi blushed. I stood up and picked her up, and then we kissed. While we were kissing, I thought of having some fun and threw her in the sea. She gasped as the wave completely soaked her. I started laughing, and she pulled me very hard.

I also fell down, and we both got wet. We started laughing. I went for her pussy. Masi quickly put the condom on me, and then I just simply penetrated her. It was all I wanted. No blowjob, pussy eating. I just wanted to fuck her hard.

I couldn’t believe it! We were having sex on the beach. Completely drenched in the seawater. I picked her up, but my cock was still inside her. I fucked her in that position while walking towards the beach resort. There was a bed right in the middle of the beach. It must have been the part of a private space of the resort.

We both fell down, and I kept fucking her. Maasi was enjoying every bit of it. She had closed her eyes and was slowly moaning and had tears of joy. I kept fucking her, and then I cummed. We both were breathing very fast.

Maasi said, “Do not move, Suraj! I want us to stay in this position itself!” With my cock still inside her, we both slept there itself!

Imagine the joy! Me on top of Maasi, with her hands wrapped on my back and her legs on my feet that kept us locked in that position. My lips on her neck while our breath rates slowed down as we drifted into a deep sleep. It was like a dream.

I woke up the next morning with the bright sun shining and the sound of the waves. We were not in the same position as we slept in. Maasi was beside me with her back towards me. Oh, her beautiful back! And her hair on it. And below was her beautiful big ass.

I already had morning wood, and this view got me even harder. I started moving my hands around her ass. It was so big and curvy! I was stroking my dick with one hand and exploring every inch of her body with the other hand.

I quickly took out a piece of condom from the bag. I wanted to fuck her without a condom. But I respected her wish, and that’s why I used the condom. I did have thoughts about the Adam and Eve story, though.

We were actually the new Adam and Eve. It was obvious that a day would come when I would mate with her and make her pregnant. I wanted to raise a family with her and love her forever. Brushing off this beautiful daydream, I focused on the present. I decided to wake her up with a good morning fuck!

I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy. She was slowly starting to wake up as her breathing increased. I slowly started moving my dick in and out. She finally woke up and smiled. I kissed her lips and said, “Good morning, beautiful! ”

She moaned slowly and said, “Good morning, honey!” After enjoying the slow erotic sex, she turned towards me and pushed me back. I fell with my back on the bed. And she crawled towards me and started stroking my cock. She put it inside her mouth and moaned.

After enjoying the strawberry flavor, she removed the condom and said, ” C’mon honey, it’s time for you to give me a nice yummy facial.” I cummed on her face, and then she licked off all of the sperm and drank it. We both then fell on the bed.

We took some time to normalize our breath while we laughed and smiled with joy. With every second I spent with her, I started loving her even more!

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