Movie Date Leads To Unexpected Sex – Indian Sex Stories

Movie Date Leads To Unexpected Sex – Indian Sex Stories

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Hey everyone! Aman here with another experience with Neha (name changed) on a movie date.

Thanks for all the reviews and feedback on earlier stories. Many requested to know when I got to fuck her, and I thought to share it here. I hope you enjoy it and do let me know what you liked or hated about this.

A little summary about Neha

Figure – 36b-28-34

Height – Around 5’4

Color – Dusky

Age – 28 years

Her kink – she’s a big fan of 50 shades but in extreme ways. She likes getting cuffed and fucked hard but with lots of love and care. She likes to get dominated and follow my commands, light BDSM, saying no to my commands. So that I can punish her. She likes giving blowjobs.

She’s a perfect submissive slut. But I never got to take her virginity or fuck her as she wanted it to be special. Later, she got proposed by a friend of hers who was now her boyfriend. His presence changed a lot of things between us. While she loved him and wanted to stay loyal.

Her inner lust was enough to keep us in contact. We did have few fights on how FWB won’t work as she is committed. How she craved for the intimacy and make-outs, we had. She finally agreed to occasional make-out and oral sex while we used to hang out like normal friends.

Now one day, I planned a movie for us at PVR Shalimar Bagh. All the couples in Delhi can note that Shalimar Bagh PVR has few top seats that can be pushed back into the wall. It becomes hard for people sitting on the side to view what’s going on.

I booked 2 such seats, which were together in Audi 3, I guess. The movie was ‘Shubh Mangal Savdhan 2.’ We reached late somehow due to traffic and had to get rid of a couple making out in the seats we paid for. Then we continued the movie. All was fine and good until we resumed after the interval.

I felt a tug on my belt, and Neha was trying hard to open it. I eased up and did it for her. She slipped her hand in my boxers and cupped my balls, moving her hand back towards my dick while looking forward and biting her lower lip. It got me super hard.

I slipped my hand inside her top. I felt her round soft milky boobs in a black front open bra that barely covered her boobies. I unhooked the bra and freed the boobs. Teased her nipples while she turned towards me and tightened her grip on my cock.

She pulled out my cock from my boxers (I lowered my jeans a little to help her with it), spit on it, and rubbed it all over my cock. She jerked it really slow in the full length of it. I pinched her nipples and kissed her lips while she kept jerking me off in the theater.

God bless that it was super dark cause the hall was houseful. I slipped my hands inside her leggings. Her panty was soaking wet. I slid her panties to the side and traced my fingertip clockwise on her puffy pussy lips with slight rubbing on clit. She was going crazy.

I cupped her boobs from above the top with my hot breath near her neck. Neha then bent down and gave me a good blowjob with a slight handjob. I just rested my hand on her head and the other sliding slowly in her pussy.

I was lost in the moment. But soon realized what she was trying to do. She pushed me back in my seat and tried to dry hump me with her clothes on. I pushed her to her seat.

Me – Are you okay? Someone might see us.

Neha – No one saw us yet. Then why are you afraid?

Me – That was different. What you are trying to do will surely get us caught.

Neha – Aman is afraid of getting caught? Lol!

Me – What are you laughing at? It’s for your own good.

Neha – Really? Do you think of my good? You’re a kid. Hahaha.

Me – A kid, ha? You crave for this kid.

Neha – I crave it now, but I guess I’ll have to find another guy who’s wild and crazy, not like you.

Me – Let’s see who’s wilder.

Neha – Yeah. Dream on, big boy.

I booked a nearby hotel, and she followed with an evil smile on her face. We checked in. As soon as we closed the door, I picked her up and pinned her on the exact door.

We kissed on lips, face, neck, and smooched like crazy, followed by lip biting and love bites on the neck. We both got on the bed, still lost in sloppy kisses and stripping each other.

I take off her top, and she takes off my t-shirt. Her bra was still unhooked. I kissed and sucked on her big soft boobies one by one. Licking and playing with her nipples. Circling my tongue tip on her areola. She was fighting with my belt again (don’t know how she was not able to open it)

Me – You want to suck on my dick?

Neha – Yes! I want it.

Me – Then kneel and wait for me.

She kneels on the floor by the bed topless while her boobs moved up and down with her every breath. I stood in front of her and unbuckled my jeans. I removed them with the boxers. Now my hard pulsating cock was at almost eye level with her. She tried to grab it, but I pushed her back.

Me – Not until I say so and no hands!

Neha – That’s not fair. You know how I want it! Ugh!

I hold the dick and slowly rub my precum on her luscious lips.

Me – No hands. Got it?

Neha says yes by nodding her head. I push only my dick tip inside her lips.

Me – Start only when I tell you.

I let it be like that while she stares at me, and I feel her drool with eagerness. She loves being teased and edged.

Me – Start!

Neha opens her mouth wide and takes most of the cock inside her. Sucking on it with one hand on her thighs and the other on her pussy (fingering). After some time, I hold her hair in a grip and start fucking her mouth with good force. She gagged a lot but didn’t stop me from deep throating her.

Me – You love this, don’t you?

And she nodded again. Her saliva was drooling all over the floor while I fucked her face. I eventually pulled out while she gasped for air and cleaned her mouth. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. She knew what to do next. She removed her leggings for me.

She opened her legs wide with her cum still leaking. I kissed her pussy from over the panty and licked it a few times. Then I pulled her panties off. Spread her pussy lips with fingers and dipped my tongue and filled her horny pussy. I was moving it to and fro. I massaged her clit with my other finger.

Neha was wiggling and moaning loudly, pressing on my head to go deeper. I planned on edging her. So every time she reached her peak, I stopped and continued again.

Neha – Please don’t tease me anymore. Let me have it. Let me cum. Ahl! Please baby.

I then let her orgasm, and it turned out to be a big one. She almost faints after orgasming with so much pressure. I lick her clean (quite fond of her cum for some reason). We kiss slowly while we cuddle.

Have a hot shower as we both end up sweaty and covered in her cum. After a shower, we both stay on the bed. I get super hard watching her sexy nude body hugging me while she plays with the boner.

Neha – You haven’t cum yet. Did you?

Me – Nope.

The horny girl gives me a sloppy blowjob expecting dirty sex. Then she dry humps me while I play with her tits. She bends over and whispers in my ears in the sexiest tone possible.

Neha – You want to fuck me? Harder…than…ever?

Me – Yes.

Neha – Take it then. What were you waiting for?

Part 2 will be on the way if it gets decent requests.

It takes a lot of time and communication to have a good time. Nothing happens overnight. Take it slow. And talk to your partner.

I do not share any pics, videos, or details of women I sleep with. So responses asking for their info or a chance with them will not be entertained. They are not hookers. What happens between them and me is consensual with the promise of identity privacy.


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