Seduced, kissed young teacher’s navel – Hot classroom story

Seduced, kissed young teacher’s navel – Hot classroom story

My name is Siddharth. This story revolves around an intimate relationship between my young teacher and me.

Months passed by. I and my young desi chudai ki kahani teacher Shilpa got intimately close. Shilpa had a submissive side but she had to be intimidated to become one.

Sometimes during her class hour, I would just stare at her white waist in her saree. I would try to locate her navel. Most of the times, she would notice me staring, and cover herself with the saree.

I once winked at my teacher and hinted to her to reveal her navel, but she kicked me in the leg as she walked past me.

During one day, last week, the whole corridor was crowded with students. Shilpa was moving among the crowd. I took that as an opportunity and went behind her moving along with the crowd and since the crowd was moving in one direction nobody was looking at us.

I swiftly slid my left hand on her waist and grabbed her belly tightly, and then I moved past her. As I moved away, I gave her a naughty smile. Shilpa looked absolutely surprised and shocked by my action and stood there in the crowd totally frozen.

Later that night, Shilpa called me.

Shilpa: Hey rascal, why would you pinch my waist? My skin got sore with that

She then sent me a picture of hers, in which she was holding her t-shirt up and a hint of her deep navel was exposed. She was wearing tight pajama pants. I could almost see her soft camel-toe over her pants. She texted me and told me to look at what I had done to her skin on her waist, to which I replied,

Me: I was trying to poke your navel, but now I have other ideas.

Shilpa: What were those ideas?

Me: I want to poke something a bit lower than your navel,

I sent her a picture of her camel-toe which I had zoomed. She chuckled and replied,

Shilpa: Chiiiii, You are moving too fast, Siddhu. Stop fantasizing about it. You won’t get that chance.

But I begged her.

Me: At least show me your navel in the picture next time.

Shilpa: Well, you got to earn it, dear. I’m not that easy to convince.

I took that as a challenge. Later we talked for a while and disconnected the call.

A few days later, I went to the staffroom to mess with Shilpa. One of my other teachers was in the staff-room. Shilpa was sitting at the far end of the staffroom. She was stunned as I entered the room.

I went near Shilpa’s desk, and stood next to her, and leaned towards her. Then I asked her some questions about a few topics. As she was answering me, I whispered in her ear, “It’s time to get seduced,” and slid my hand and lowered her saree a bit and pinched her hip.

She was shocked at first, as there was another staff member, but she was far from us. I was pretty sure that the other teacher couldn’t see what was happening.

Shilpa’s desk blocked the other teacher’s vision. Shilpa whacked my hand and tried to remove it, but I grabbed my young teacher’s entire belly. She moaned softly due to the pain. But she managed to pull my hand off her waist.

I acted as if I got frustrated and I tried to storm off from the place. She grabbed my hand, and asked me to and sit beside her.

I was just waiting for such an opportunity. I grabbed a chair and sat down, but I wanted to show my anger. I kept my hand down and avoided her.

Then she was focusing on the doubts in the subject that I had asked her. I kept a passive face for a while. Shilpa answered my questions.

Suddenly, my sexy teacher grabbed my hand and placed it on her waist. I looked at her questioningly. She nodded slowly giving me the approval. She smiled naughtily, and I moved my hand near her navel. Shilpa inhaled air deeply with her eyes closed this time, and she slowly exhaled looking at me with narrowed eyes.

Shilpa’s belly trembled because of my cold finger poking her navel. She leaned her head on her hand and then she bit her juicy pinky lips. Her breathing got heavy, and my right hand slid up and down her body inside her saree. Her skin felt as soft as a feather and she started to sweat a little.

Her white skin was glowing because of this, and her face got all red. I grabbed my teacher’s left boob and massaged her with my palm. Then I switched my hand and grabbed her boob again, with my left hand. I kept my right hand on the top of the table blocking the show that was happening inside her saree blouse, from the other staff member.

I ran my finger down her cleavage and stuck my finger in between Shilpa’s cleavage. I felt her hooks on the front side of the blouse and had a great idea.

In a fraction of a second, I tried to unhook her blouse. That stunned her and with a quizzical expression, she shook her head softly saying, “Don’t do that,” But her pleas were in vain. I managed to unhook her blouse under her saree. She couldn’t raise her hand as then the other staff’s attention would be drawn and she would see us.

I slid my fingers inside my hot teacher’s bra and felt her nipple. Then she lost it and could not control it anymore. She took a deep breath and asked me to stop, but her voice broke down.

Shilpa closed her eyes in pleasure, tilting her head down. It was amazing. She was experiencing a small orgasm due to the rush of lust in her.

She then got all sweaty, and to our advantage, the other teacher’s phone rang. She left the room. As soon as she left the room, I grabbed Shilpa’s cheeks.

I pulled her face towards me and landed a deep kiss, at first she resisted but then she gave in. I kissed her for few seconds and I chewed her lower lip a bit and licked her lips.

Shilpa asked me to stop since she was scared that the other teacher would enter the staffroom again and asked me to let her go and I did.

Shilpa quickly stood up and hooked her blouse and arranged her saree, and before I left her, I bent down and stuck my tongue out on her navel.

I then licked for some time and grabbed her ass, and she giggled asking me to stop. She couldn’t resist me but I stopped myself and I went near her ear and said that,

Me: I am just getting started.

I bit her ear softly. Shilpa laughed naughtily and said,

Shilpa: I still haven’t started yet.

She placed her hand on my dick over the pants, and asked me to leave for now. She removed her hand and I left the staffroom as the other staff entered.

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