My first sex with virgin classmate Priya – Classroom sex story

My first sex with virgin classmate Priya – Classroom sex story

Hi readers, this is my first attempt to write. So, forgive me for my mistakes. This my real story when I was in college. This story is about me and my classmate Priya and how I fucked my classmate in the class room.

Priya is 21 years old and her height 5.1″. She has big round shaped ass and sexy tits. She is a little chubby so all the boys in my class are fond of her. Eventually, we became friends. She used to share every thing with me. We used to talk after college hours as her dad used to pick her up. I used to think about her make my bed wet.

One day, my classmate held my hand and told me once that one of our classmates proposed her. Suddenly, I thought of kissing her. And yes, I kissed her lips and she responded for a few seconds and then she slapped me! After that, we didn’t speak. After 2 days, she called me and asked why I kissed her. I told her maybe I was in love with her.

She said we can meet earlier next day at 7:30 am in the class. Mostly, every one come to college after 8:30 am.

The next day, I was a little tensed. She came with a angry face. But once she entered the class, I hugged my classmate from the back and kissed her neck.

She said, “Dai Vinoth summa iru pesa than una vara sonen” in a husky voice.

Priya’s aroma and her busty ass pressing on my dick made me go mad. I started pressing my classmate’s boobs like mad. She started moaning. I put my hand inside her chudi, took boobs out and sucked it harder.

Priya started playing with my hair and said, “Kolanthai paal kudikura mathiri feel aguthu, please niruthu da.”

I was not in a mood to lister to her. I took her hand to my bulge. She was surprised and said, “Aiyo, ena da. Ithu ivalo perusa iruku bayama iruku da namma ethu thapu panroma.”

I said, “Athula ethu illa di, en kuda kidacha time ah best ah enjoy pannu.”

I inserted my hand inside her pants and hold her ass very tightly. My classmate moaned in pain and opened her lips. I kissed her and started sucking her lips. We played with each other’s tongue. We kissed each other like there was no tomorrow.

We looked the time. It was almost above 8 am. So we stopped our play and I told her to meet tomorrow.

The next day, she came at 7 am. We hugged each other and kissed. Both were breathing heavily. My hand was playing around her waist.

Then I pulled my classmate’s pants down. She closed her eyes and hugged me tightly. I took her to the last bench and made her lie on the floor. I removed her uniform pants and kissed her navel. I licked it and she was enjoying it.

I removed Priya’s panty. I saw hairy brown pussy. She initially hid that area with her hand. To seduce her, I took my dick out and made her hold it. I planted a kiss on her pussy. I loved the pleasant smell of my classmate’s hairy pussy. I kissed and licked her pussy and she was enjoying it. She was holding my dick and kissing it.

Then I inserted my tongue as much as I can and made her pussy wet.

She said, “Aiyo, ena da panna ippadi anathe illa, enaku erama iruka mathiri iruku.”

I made her kneel and suck my dick. She never did that before. Priya took my dick in her mouth and bit the tip. I was in pain and told her, “Choco bar mathiri sappu kadikatha.”

My classmate then gave me a mind blowing blowjob and I cummed in her mouth. She felt like puking but I didn’t let her. I told her, “Lusu apadi than iruku first atha mulungu apa than healthy en mela aasai irukula.”

She told me she loves me a lot and she drank my cum. I told her we can go to the toilet. We went inside the ladies toilet. I put her leg on my shoulder and licked my classmate’s pussy again. She was breathing heavily. I fingered her and made her cum.

I shown the cum on my fingers and she scolded me. We cleaned everything and went back to our class.

The time was only 7:45 am. I kissed her again and she said, “It’s time. Tomorrow we can do the rest.”

But I convinced her and made her nude. We were kissing each other vigorously. Then I placed my hand on her ass and pressed over her ass hole area. She was very horny. I tried to insert my dick in her pussy but she was resisting a bit as it was painful for her.

Priya: Aiyo, valikuthu da, ena panra?

Me: Onnu illa di, starting than apadi iruku. Konja neram aparo sugama iruku.

Priya: Mudiyala da, valikuthu romba (she was crying in pain).

Half of my dick was inside Priya. I kissed her lips, held her tightly and inserted my whole dick. Her eyes were full of tears. I started to fuck her slowly.

Priya: Vinoth, en ippadi panra, enaku romba valikutu pothum vidu.

I didn’t listen to her. I was too aroused at that time. I just kissed her and kept fucking my classmate. After 5-7 shots, my dick came out of her pussy. Her pussy was bleeding. Again, I inserted my dick. I too felt some burning sensation in my dick head.

I kept fucking my classmate slowly. After a few bangs, she stopped crying. I came inside her pussy. When I removed my dick, her hairy pussy was covered with blood and my cum.

We hugged each other for a few minutes. Then we went to the restroom and cleaned ourselves.

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Next, I will tell you how she became my sex partner and how we fucked in her home.

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