My mom’s divorced friend Reeta aunty seduces me! – Sex story

My mom’s divorced friend Reeta aunty seduces me! – Sex story

Hello girls and guys, I am Ankit, 25 years old from Delhi and this is my first story based on my real-life experience which happened a few weeks back.

I was really depressed and heartbroken after the failure of my engagement. It was a love engagement and well-celebrated among the family and friends but failed because the girl got interested in someone else.

As all this was happening, I was getting calls from friends and family for their support and sympathies. One normal evening, I was using my phone after evening tea and I received a notification on Instagram. It was a request from Reeta aunty, my mom’s best friend.

Now, let me tell you something about my mom’s best friend Reeta aunty. She was 43 years old, a divorced mother and she lived in the same locality as ours with her daughter who was 22 years old. I had an eye on her for many years as she had maintained herself very well with regular workouts and yoga.

So, I accepted the request and tagged her back. Our chat began with just hello-hi and she asked for my mobile number which I gave her instantly and then received a call from her.

We spoke for around 5 minutes and the whole discussion was about my engagement. She had supportive words for my distress. After that, there was a break of around 4 days and then I received her message on WhatsApp.

We had the same supportive discussion which continued. I found an excellent opportunity there and I began to talk to my mom’s best friend about her family her routine and everything possible which was decent, from that day.

Soon we became good chat buddies but I knew that the fire of lust was similar on both sides. The chat continued for around 15 days and then my parents left for Indore to visit my grandparents. Before leaving, my mother had called Reeta aunty to inform her about their going for a few days and I had heard their conversation.

On the next day, I was in my shorts and t-shirt and was sitting in my lawn when the doorbell rang.

I went to open the door and I was surprised to see Reeta aunty standing there wearing a red saree with a tight blouse and with her hair open! Before I could say anything, she entered the house and walked towards the living room and inquired if my mom was home.

This question was enough for me to be clear about her intentions of her visit! I told her that they left for Indore the previous day and I was at home alone. She settled on the sofa and asked for a cup of tea.

When I entered the room with tea, my mom’s sexy friend aunty was adjusting her pallu and her cleavage was visible now. And seeing those melons, my 7-inch dick began to move in my shorts and it was quite visible in my shorts. She noticed the movements too in my shorts and pretended to ignore it.

I served the tea and sat on the same sofa. She began asking me about my engagement and I pretended to act as if I was very sad and lonely. She was getting closer with every sip of tea, and at the end of the tea, she asked if I needed a hug.

I didn’t say anything and my mom’s divorced friend moved towards me to hug me. I thought of it as a friendly hug in the beginning but as it became abnormally lengthy, and her hand begun to move on my back, I found it erotic. Then I placed my lips on her neck and this made her move back and she asked angrily,

“How dare you to do this with your mom’s friend??!”

Me: Sorry aunty, it was the hugging position that pressed my lips on your neck. It was completely unintentional.

Reeta: Okay, if your lips touched my neck by accident, then why was your hand on my waist?

I was silent.

Reeta: Listen! This is unbearable behavior, I will tell it to your mom once she is back. I will tell her how you invited me to your house and opened the door in your shorts showing your bulge and how you tried to kiss me and feel my back.

Me: Sorry aunty, it was all accidental and I don’t have any bad intentions towards you.

Reeta: But the movement in your shorts is telling another story.

Me: Actually, after a long time, someone hugged me and it was so satisfactory that I lost control.

Reeta: Oh! So you think I came here to satisfy your sexual needs? It was a friendly hug and I came here to see your mom but you took advantage of that.

I got scared as I had no excuse to make and really speaking, whatever I did was intentional.

Me: Aunty, I had heard my mom telling you about her visit to Indore the day before she left. You knew that she is not at home and yet you came looking for her.

And when I went to bring tea, you adjusted your pallu in such a way as to expose your cleavage and I took all these things as a signal and to be very honest with you, I really admire your beauty and fitness. And I think after your divorce, you need someone to fulfill your needs.

My words made her turn red as she was caught red-handed and now it was clear that everything happened with mutual consent.

Reeta: If you know all these things, then what are waiting for?

My mom’s horny friend gave a naughty smile and pulled me towards her. I grabbed her and hugged her tightly. Her hand was moving on my back and her erect nipples and huge boobs were touching my chest. My hand was moving on her bareback and lips were on her neck.

Reeta aunty broke the hug and removed my t-shirt and pushed me on the sofa and begun to lick my chest. I started playing with my mother’s friend’s boobs. She moved up and our lips were locked. My hands were unhooking her blouse at the back at the same time.

It was a long and passionate kiss after which she got up and removed her blouse and bra. I was looking at her 36D huge boobs with dark areola and long erect nipples.

I pulled her towards me and started sucking her boobs. My hands were exploring her round ass. Her hand was already in my shorts and she was playing with my dick and balls.

After a long session of kissing and sucking, she removed my shorts and her saree. And there was her perfectly waxed body and well-shaved love hole in front me.

We both were nude and looking at each other with lusty eyes. My mom’s friend grabbed my dick in her hand and started walking towards my mom’s bedroom and I was following her.

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