Story About How I Enjoyed Sex With My Ex

Story About How I Enjoyed Sex With My Ex

Hi, This is Abhinav. This is my first story, which is based on my life.  It is about sex with my ex-girlfriend. I was dating this beautiful Delhi girl in my college who broke up with me 2 years back.

I had one hell of a relationship as we used to get physical a lot. Beach, parking area, cinema hall, library, classroom there was not a place where we didn’t make out. But it all came to a halt when that girl started falling for some other guy.

We broke up and rarely talked, and all the actions had come to an end. It was a hell of a time for me. I had lost all my hopes of getting her back or having sex again.

During that time, one day, I was sitting in the library on a Sunday morning as I had my exams coming. As it was a Sunday, not many people had come to the library. I was trying to focus on studying when suddenly I saw my ex coming to the library. She was all dressed up and came and was looking stunning.

But I had to control all my emotions as there was nothing left between us. But eventually, after a few minutes, I gave up as I was unable to focus. I went to sit near her. She smiled, seeing me, and there was an uncomfortable silence. To break the silence, I started talking on topics.

It was after months when we had such a long conversation. To be honest, I was slightly turned on seeing her beauty. I had previously made out with her in the library and knew how to turn her on. I thought to give it a try as I also knew her current boyfriend hasn’t made a move yet on her.

I slowly extended my arms and kept it close to her boobs. She noticed it but didn’t say a word. This gave me a bit of courage, and then I extended my arm a bit more and poked her boobs. She smiled and said, “We shouldn’t do this anymore as we are over.”

But my hormones had already done the job. Slowly I started cupping her boobs and slowly squeezing it. She kept smiling and staring me straight in my eyes. I squeezed one after another boob. And my fingers had done the job. She was turned on. She was not saying a word.

Her eyes closed, and breaths getting faster. I went near her ears and whispered, “Do you miss it?” she nodded. I asked, “Want some more?” There was a pause, after which she said, “Let’s go.” Then we went to our adda, which was nearby.

It was a parking area that was rarely used. And as it was Sunday, there were very few people. We went unnoticed to the farthest corner where nobody came. I stared for a brief second. Our breaths were getting audible. Then in an instant, I started kissing her lips.

As it had been months, we didn’t have any action, the intensity was much high. We were pounding on each other’s lips, not taking any breaks. We were French kissing. We were kissing as if there was no tomorrow. Our tongues were rubbing vigorously, salivas being exchanged.

Then I started kissing her neck. Those neck kisses turned her on a lot. I was kissing and sucking her neck. She was moaning a lot. Then I asked her to open her top. Initially, she was reluctant to open, but I had my way. I started pressing her boobs slowly.

She couldn’t control for long and opened her top. I unhooked her bra. Then I started squeezing both her boobs slowly. I was making eye contact, which turned her on even more. We could see the lust for each other. I started increasing my speed.

Then I started licking her nipples, circling my tongue around her areola. She had gone nuts. Her moans were getting louder, so loud that I had to shut her mouth. Then I started sucking the other boob. Then I was squeezing one boob and sucking the other. She had entirely gone crazy.

Then I pulled her pants down. Her underwear was entirely wet. Then I pulled her underwear down. Her vagina was the most beautiful I had ever seen. I slowly started fingering her. Initially with two fingers. I was stroking her clit, and after a few strokes, I started finger fucking her.

Slowly I started increasing my speed. It was hurting her, but the pleasure had outweighed the pain. She was moaning like a lunatic. Then I made her suck my fingers. She sucked the cum of hers from my fingers like a bad slut. She had become the slut I never imagined.

She then pulled me wth my hairs and kissed me hard. We started exchanging saliva. Then she pulled my hair and begged me to give her an oral. I started stroking her clit with my tongue. Initially, it was swift and smooth. Then, I started inserting my tongue inside her, giving a tongue fuck.

I was sucking all the cum she had. I gave her an oral for 10 minutes. Then she pulled me up and took out my all erect penis. She didn’t like taking dicks in mouth, and I didn’t force her either. I turned her around and inserted my penis inside her, slowly increasing my speed.

She had entirely gone crazy now. I was fucking her in a doggy style for the entire 15 minutes. Our intensity had touched sky high. She didn’t want me to cum inside her. She decided to return the favor, and out of nowhere started sucking my dick.

She started by kissing the tip and slowly taking it in her mouth. It was a wonderful sight. I got so turned up I started face fucking her. I started deep throating her. She licked my penis like a small girl licking her lollipop. I was about to cum.

Then I grabbed her hair and cummed entirely in her mouth and told her to drink it like a good girl. To my surprise, she gulped the entire load like a pro, giving me her slutty looks. She then bent and licked the remaining of my cum from my dick.

Then we dressed up quickly. While leaving, I gave her a goodbye kiss, thinking that this was our last. But to my surprise, we made out many times after that, never stopping. I guess we had something with each other that nobody else had.

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