Neighbour girl loses balance and virginity – Hymen break story

Neighbour girl loses balance and virginity – Hymen break story

Hi friends, my name is Raj (name changed), age 24. I work in a software company in Bangalore. I’m an average guy with good looks. This is a real story that happened to me during the lockdown period and also my first sex story. Please be patient as this story is a little bit long so I will be writing it in two parts.

So, two days before the Indian lockdown, I reached my hometown Visakhapatnam and was happily spending my time with my family and friends.

One fine evening, I got a call from my friend. I went to the terrace to talk with her. While talking to my friend, I saw a beautiful young girl playing with a small kid.

Let me describe to you about that girl. Her name is Dolly (name changed) fair in color. She is 5’5 a little short, age 22, her stats are 34- 26- 32. She has an hourglass figure which will make you fuck her right away.

Later I inquired about her with my mother and she told me that she came from Patna. She had come here to take care of Roshan and her Urshed bro. Her sister was pregnant and had gone to her mother’s house before delivery and then got stuck during the lockdown.

I knew Urshed bro very well. He was a naval officer. He would be having night shifts from the evening at 4 pm to the next morning at 3 am.

Ok, now let’s start with the story.

After that day, I used to go every day to the terrace in the evening and we used to exchange smiles sometimes. One day, I gave a chocolate to Roshan and also to my neighbour Dolly and tried to talk with her. I came to know that she recently had completed her B.Tech and was free now and had got stuck here.

I asked for her mobile number and she happily gave me her number.

Slowly, I started texting her about her interests, likes, dislikes everything and we both became good friends in a short time. The next day at night time, I saw her going up to the terrace slowly. I went up without making any sound.

My young neighbour girl was removing her dried clothes from the clothes wire. Suddenly, I held her hand and dragged her towards me. But she lost control and was about to fell.

Immediately, I went to hold her. As she was short, instead of holding her waist, I held her boobs (man, what lovely boobs she had, so smooth and soft).

After this incident, I said, “Sorry,” and told her I was trying to scare her but I didn’t know that this will happen. She silently picked all the clothes and went down without saying anything. Later the conversation between us was like this,

Raj: Hi Dolly, I am really sorry I didn’t know that this will happen.
Dolly: Hmmm… It’s ok, but why did you do that?

Raj: What did I do?
Dolly: Why did you hold my hand?

Raj: I just wanted to scare you but everything went wrong.
Dolly: Ok, then why did you keep your hands over there?

Raj: I didn’t do it intentionally. As you were going to fall, I quickly came to hold you from falling down. And as you are a little short, my hands touched some other place instead of your waist.

Dolly: Ok, then it is fine.

Raj: Can you forgive me?
Dolly: Yes.

Raj: I will ask you something but don’t feel bad, ok?
Dolly: Yeah, tell me.

Raj: Yours are so soft and smooth. Your BF is so lucky.
Dolly: What, what is soft? I didn’t get you?

Raj: You know what I am talking about.
Dolly: No, I really don’t know what you are talking about.

Raj: I’m talking about your boobs. They are so soft and you have a perfect body.
Dolly: Shut up! And I don’t have a BF.

Raj: Ok but how did you maintain these so well?
Dolly: I didn’t maintain anything. Along with my body changes, these also got developed.

Raj: You have a nice figure, anyone will die for your figure.
Dolly: Ok that’s it, good night, bye.

Nothing else happened after that. In a few days, we became so close that we were sending non-veg jokes and double meaning dialogues too. She used to send me smiling emojis.

This went for 10 days. Many times she bent in front of me to show me her deep cleavage and tempt me. I masturbated so many times thinking about having sex with my sexy neighbour girl.

One day it was around 9 pm and Dolly was talking to her mother on the phone, sitting in the corridor on the terrace. On that day, she was wearing a blue colored kurta and white-colored pyjama with no dupatta.

In that moonlight, I could see my neighbour girl’s cleavage. Her boobs were fighting to come out of her kurta. I was so near to her and I couldn’t control myself by seeing her in that way.

After disconnecting her mother’s call, I looked around and saw that nobody was around. It was dark so no one can see us. I immediately went and held her tightly from the front and give her a hard kiss on her lips!

Dolly was totally shocked and she tried to resist me. But I tried hard to hold her back and kept kissing her. I kissed her for about 3 minutes and all of a sudden, she pushed me hard and ran to her home.

I was in shock at what I did and was thinking about what will happen if she told my mom or her brother. I felt guilty for what I did to her, so I immediately went to my room, took my mobile and tried calling her but she rejected my calls so I started texting.

Raj: Dolly, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know what I was doing up there I couldn’t control myself. I am really sorry.
Raj: I wanted to tell you one thing for the last few days but I don’t know whether this is the correct time or not.

Raj: I love you, Dolly. I fell in love with you on the very first day when I saw you on the terrace. I really love you. I feel sorry for what I did please talk to me.

After this message, there was no response or call from my hot neighbour girl for the next 3 days. I was afraid that she will tell my mom or her brother but nothing happened and also she didn’t come out of her house for the next 3 days. I cursed myself so many times for kissing her.

After 3 days, I got a message from her.

Dolly: Come to my house tonight around 11 pm through the backdoor.

By seeing these words, my heart started beating so fast that I thought I will get a heart attack. I was really happy that she called me that night and I also knew that Urshed bro will not be there at home and that he will in his office.

I figured out that my neighbour girl will be all alone in the house with Rohan (her small kid). I was very much excited to go and meet her and around 11 pm. I messaged her saying, “Shall I come now?” to which she replied, “Rohan is sleeping, come down silently.”

I silently went towards the backdoor and to my luck, the door was half-opened for me. My neighbour girl Dolly was standing behind the door and was wearing a pink kurta and white pyjama with no dupatta.

My dick started saluting her immediately after seeing her in that dress. I silently went inside the house, and she took me into her room. It’s a 2 BHK individual house. In one room, her Urshed bro and Rohan will be sleeping and in the other room, Dolly would be sleeping.

I silently went into her room. We both sat on the bed and there was pin-drop silence and I can hear my heartbeat clearly. I immediately held her hands and said, “Sorry, do forgive me,” after saying this, she said something that blew my mind away.

She said, “I am sorry for not responding to your calls and messages. I love you too.” I was floating in heaven. I immediately got up and hugged her tightly to which she also responded and hugged me back.

I slowly held her head in my arms and looked at her in the eye. I gave her a lip kiss to which she also responded and then we were kissing each other for more than 15 minutes.

After that, we broke the kiss and we were taking deep breaths and again started kissing each other. We both became so horny that our hands are rolling on each other bodies.

I slowly started touching her boobs and she was getting more excited when I was touching her boobs. I could feel her hot breath blowing through her nose. I kept one hand on her boob and the other hand on her ass and began squeezing her ass.

I got on top of my sexy next door girl and got back to making out with her. I slowly began to grind my hips against hers, and she began breathing heavily.

She then broke away the kiss and took my t-shirt off. I slowly lifted up her kurta and removed her kurta completely.

Now she was in her white bra and pyjama. I again started kissing her and started rolling my hands over her navel, ass, and boobs. Slowly, I unclipped and removed her bra and began caressing and pressing her nipples while kissing her.

My neighbour girl had perfectly shaped boobs and her brown hard nipples added more beauty to her body. I couldn’t control myself and started playing with her boobs, pinching and caressing them, while licking and kissing her neck.

I licked and kissed her all over, from her neck to her navel. I was taking my own sweet time on both her breasts. My beautiful neighbor girl was moaning loudly as she was not able to control her moans.

While doing so, I slowly took her arm and kept it on my 6-7 inch hard dick over my shorts. She gave a small jerk after touching my dick and removed her hand. Again I kept her hand on my dick and this time, she responded and held my dick and started pressing it.

I took my t-shirt off and removed her pyjama. To my surprise, my neighbour was not wearing any panty. She was nude in front of me covering her boobs and pussy with her hands due to shyness.

I lay her on the bed and started sucking her boobs and slowly went down by kissing her eyes, cheeks, lips, neck, boobs, navel, thighs, and toes. I kissed all over her body from top to bottom. She was enjoying everything and was moaning so loudly which made me very horny.

I stopped near her pussy, and saw that it is neatly shaved and clean. Dolly stopped me from touching her pussy as this is her first time some guy was touching her private parts.

I calmed her and told her to relax and started touching my young neighbour girl’s pussy with my finger and slowly massaging it. She closed her eyes and started enjoying it. I massaged her pussy for a few minutes and thought as it was her first time, I should take things a little slowly.

I stood up and removed my shorts and underwear. She was shocked to see my dick which was long and thick and was afraid that it will tear her pussy apart. She asked me whether it will hurt as she was a virgin?

I told her, “At first, it will hurt a little but then after a short time, you will begin to enjoy it.”

Slowly, I kept my dick on her pussy and started pushing it but my neighbour girl’s pussy was so tight that not even an inch went inside.

Then I took the moisturizer and applied some on her pussy and started inserted my middle finger slowly by caressing her pussy. After a few minutes of fingering, finally my middle finger went successfully into her pussy.

Now it was time for my monster to get inside her. I applied moisturizer to my dick and kept it on her pussy. I got a little part (about 1 inch) of my dick to go inside.

As it is her first time, I knew that she will definitely scream. So I started kissing my virgin neighbour girl to shut her mouth and gave a big push. Due to the push, she started to scream. So I caught hold of her with my lips, but she couldn’t bear the pain.

I could see tears rolling out from her eyes. To control her screams, she bit my lips hard. I was in little pain. I removed my mouth and she was screaming and crying to take it out.

I calmed her down and stayed in the same position for a few seconds and started kissing and sucking her boobs. Then she got back to normal and then I gave again the last push where my monster successfully penetrated her pussy completely.

Dolly was in pain. She was begging me to remove my dick but I didn’t listen and started moving my dick in and out 5 to 6 times. Now her pain was getting less and she was enjoying herself with the movements.

After 15 minutes of a hard session, Dolly started enjoying it. I started increasing my pace and she was enjoying every inch now.

I started pressing and sucking her boobs hard and fucking her hard like there is no tomorrow. After 10 minutes of hard fucking, I came inside my neighbour girl. She came twice.

We both were fully exhausted by the intense fucking session and lay on the bed hugging each other.

Later I quickly dressed up and went back to my house quietly without getting noticed.

Guys, this is the story of how I fucked and broke the tight seal of my neighbour girl. Please send out your valuable feedback and responses to [email protected]

According to your response, I will post the next part where I will describe how I fucked her daily for almost one month in different positions and how she agreed to give me a blowjob and let me lick her pussy.

Any aunties or girls who are interested in secret sex in Vizag or Bangalore can also mail me.

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