Virgin Friend kanwari phudi

Hi friends my name is Ankit and I am a senior at a large college in Delhi. The semester ended about two weeks ago, and as with every year, on the last day of finals there is the annual student-association dinner-and-dance night, held at one of the best hotels in the area. That was when I met Neha. She was 18 years old, a freshman at a private college. She’d just arrived three weeks before. As a courtesy, I offered to take her around and lend her any needed assistance. She is a very hot and sexy girl with dusky color and having figure about 36-26-36. She has long black hair up to her buts. Let me take you to the story. Last Friday night, she called me with the excuse that she couldn’t make it back to the dorm because it was too far away (a good 45 minutes’ drive), and asked if she could stay with me over at my place.

I readily agreed, and about ten minutes later she arrived. She said she was hungry, so we drove out to a nearby take-out place and grabbed a couple of burgers. We got back to my apartment and ate while watching the telly, but since there was nothing interesting on, we switched it off and talked about her stay in Delhi so far, making some tentative plans to visit some of the attractions. At about ten, Neha said that she needed to change and I decided to bust out some votka martini. When she came back into the room, all she was wearing was an oversized polo shirt with the top three buttons undone and the bottom of the shirt hanging just two inches below her crotch. My cock instantly came to life as she shut the door behind her, and I thought it would rip right through my shorts as she bent over to put her clothes away, giving me a fantastic view of her small, firm ass.

Linda climbed onto the bed with me. I handed her a glass of votka martini, and we both made a toast to the coming summer and the fantastic time we would be having. I looked into her eyes and sensing that she wouldn’t object, kissed her lips. Our tongues met, and in less than 30 seconds, we were both panting heavily. My right hand reached down to caress her ass, then slowly moved up to unbutton the rest of her shirt and pull it off her shoulders. I immediately attacked her left tit with my mouth while my hand went to work on the right one. Her nipples, which were as big as half-dollars, now stood hard and erect. I started stroking her thighs and stomach, and when I inserted my fingers into her panties and began to finger her curly mound, her whole body froze. She clasped her long, thin thighs together, and her last moan stuck in her throat.

It took me quite a while before I realized what was happening. “Are you a virgin?” I asked her. In a soft, cute voice, she shyly admitted that she was, and this was the first time she was “really” being made love to. This was one opportunity I had no intention of letting slip away. Pushing her back onto the bed, I planted a deep, forceful kiss on her wet mouth. Our tongues met and she moaned deeply. Her hands were rubbing my chest and back as I pulled her bikini panties off her legs. I again began fingering her cunt as I slowly worked my mouth down her tits to her pussy. I thrust my tongue between her parted thighs and began licking her dripping snatch. I slowly and teasingly lapped her thick and juicy pussy lips, and as I shoved my tongue up her fuck hole, I felt an obstruction. Here was a real virgin, in every sense of the word, just waiting to get fucked for the first time. Her cunt lips were closed so tightly together that I needed my fingers to pry them apart.

By now my prick was so hard that I thought I’d come right then and there. I climbed on top of Neha and turned her over so that she was now on top of me. We kissed for a little while before I pushed her down to my cock. She pulled my shorts off, freeing my throbbing manhood, and began sucking hungrily. With her head bobbing up and down on my proud, hard, erect man-meat, it wasn’t long before I felt my load rushing to the blood-filled head of my eager cock. Slowly the semen began to spurt from my dick into her mouth. At first, she seemed surprised, but she hungrily took each squirt and swallowed all my spunk without missing a single drop. She kept on sucking my cock while I reached over, pulled her ass toward me so that we were in a sixty-nine position, and started licking and sucking on her soft, red-hot pussy. Suddenly Neha let out a scream and her sweet love juices squirted all over my face.

She then turned around to face me and fell on top of me. We kissed softly while I stroked her lovely little ass. By this time my prick had started to come alive again. I turned Neha over on her back and furiously kissed her on the lips while I spread her thighs wide open. I got between her legs, putting my cock on her pussy lips and teasingly stroking it up and down her cunt. Linda started moaning and begging me to fuck her, pleading that I be gentle this was her first time. I reassured her and told her to relax and get ready for what she’d remember as being the best fuck of her life. She began massaging her tits as I continued to tease her pussy. Then in one quick thrust, I pushed my prick into her tight, eager cunt, ripping her precious pussy sheath apart. Neha didn’t seem to feel it at all. She began to buck her hips up and down on the bed as I continued to fuck her little twat with long, forceful strokes. Her cunt gripped my prick like a clam and refused to let it go.

We fucked wildly, our bodies moving in perfect unison. Neha regulated her body movements so that she would receive the full impact of my thrusts. By now she was moaning so loud that I thought she would wake up my housemate for sure. I’m pretty certain that he heard the screams when she finally reached orgasm. I pounded Neha for about 15 minutes before I felt the familiar ache in my balls. Making one final thrust into her little pleasure hole my cock erupted in a shattering orgasm, shooting thick loads of come deep into her cunt. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, and spent the rest of the weekend sucking and fucking. I eventually sent her back to her dorm on Sunday, but I will be picking her up this Friday night. I can’t wait to spend another exciting weekend with her.

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