Office Colleague Became My Sex Partner Within A Day

Office Colleague Became My Sex Partner Within A Day

Hi readers, let me begin by introducing myself. I’m a 26-year-old Delhiite. Decent height 5ft 7in and athletic build. I’ve been in Bangalore for about 2.5 years and recently moved to my hometown Delhi. This a true story about me and my office colleague. Her name is Natasha (name changed obviously).

Now to give a background about myself, I’m not a typical Delhiite. I’m a little reserved and nerdy kind of a guy with deep fantasies. Introducing Natasha, she’s from Chandigarh. She is a typical chirpy Punjabi girl, 22 years old just graduated dropped into corporate life girl.

She’s been into my team for about a year and we exchange pleasantries now and then. She always wore tops, skin fit jeggings/treggings, or one piece of corporate dresses.

Recently we were given a project and she had to work with me on it. And timelines were such, we started working long hours lately. One fine evening, it was about 9 pm and most of the office had left. I was about to order dinner, out of courtesy I went to Natasha’s desk to ask about her dinner plans.

I was headed towards her desk. I could see, she had risen the one-piece dress that she was wearing up till her upper thighs. She was sitting in a crossed-legged position in her chair like a 10-year-old kid and talking long yawns. This turned me on a little bit looking at her clean long legs.

It also amused me about her child-like innocence. I went and stood behind her. She was wearing her headphones and had no idea I was behind her, I tapped her shoulder slowly, and she was shocked!

Natasha: you scared the bejesus out me!

Me: Hahaha, sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I was ordering dinner for myself, you plan to stay late then I can order something for you too.

Natasha: Sure, order me some good desi food!

Me: Dal makhni, shahi paneer, naan, that’s more like you, right?

Natasha: Am I that obvious? (wink)

She winked at me. That shot fired a lot of signals in my brain. Just to be sure, I tried to prod more into her intentions, before I ride on the horse.

Me: Well I know how to get Punjabi girls excited! (wink back)

Natasha: You seem to have a lot of experience, mister.

Me: I’m a Pandora’s box. You need to be Tom Raider to crack me open. (This was me throwing in my cheesy nerdy humor)

Natasha: My second name is Lara Croft!

Punjabi girl getting my nerdy jokes gave me such a hard-on! It almost started to give me a huge boner. I laughed it off and told her to come to my cabin whenever the food got delivered.

It gave me time to think about my next strategy because now I had decided I wanted this girl and I was getting a lot of green signals. As she came to my cabin with dinner, I immediately prompted.

Me: So Natasha, are you comfortable now in Bangalore? You have friends here? Or boyfriend maybe?

Natasha: No yaar, I’ve downloaded Tinder. But mostly I get these desperate it engineers or christ university brats.

Me: Ahh, that’s tough. You drink or smoke?

Natasha: I’m a whiskey girl.

Me: well kudos, I’ve been looking for a whiskey mate, I got a Chivas 18 year bottle back at my place. Didn’t wanted to open it to drink alone. Be my guest if your comfortable over any weekend when your bored. I threw a bone hoping she’d pick it up, tried my chances.

Natasha: I can come over tonight too if you are comfortable. This project has drained me out and that Shruti bitch has me hogging me all day.

(Wow, my lucky stars, she wants to come today.)

Me: Sure, no problem. Let’s have a mid-week party, hahaha.

We quickly finished our food and went on a bike to my place. As she entered my place she was completely impressed as I’m a cleanliness freak and I try to keep my place organized. I started some soothing evening music and asked her to be comfortable on the couch.

I brought the bottle, 2 whiskey glasses.

Natasha: Yaar, can I ask a favor? Can you give me any of your shorts and a t-shirt? I’m getting suffocated in this dress.

Me: Sure.

I had my juices flowing. I had to try my luck tonight. I gave her my most loose possible shorts and a t-shirt. We made ourselves a drink and started chatting. After a couple of drinks, we both were tipsy. I gathered some courage and went ahead.

Me: so Natasha, your Tinder sex life hasn’t been that great?

Natasha: No yaar, I haven’t had sex in like almost a year.

Me: aah that’s tough. I hope you get some good d soon. What kind of girl are you? You like riding on top or do you like being ridden on from below.

Natasha: I’m a pure Punjabi, I ride like one.

And she came over me like she was about to do me. We had a 2 minutes silent eye to eye contact.

Me: Natasha, I’m controlling myself, else your 1-year streak could break tonight.

She lip-locked with me and said, “Why you think I’m here you fool?”

And then we started kissing like maniacs. She was just pulling my hair, she tore open my shirt like there’s no tomorrow kissing my bare chest. It didn’t even give time for her to think much. I picked her up, took her to the bedroom, threw her on the bed. She was looking at me with her lusty eyes.

She removed my t-shirt and she was a black laced bra. I have a fetish for lace lingerie. She didn’t even remove her bra, just lowered her bra cups, and asked me to suck on those. I sucked nipples like a baby. While I was doing that, I slid my hand inside the shorts.

She was wearing and her panties were wet. I slid her panty to one side and started to finger her. She was in cloud nine. She went on like moaning and was almost begging to fuck her. But I wanted to tease this hungry beast a little more. I removed her shorts and panties, finger fucked her.

She started to pour out her juices, making my hand wet. She started biting my chest and ears, went on to become so crazy. I slapped her pussy, just to tame the beast. And loved it so much, she came back in control. I would slap her pussy. She would become wetter and wetter.

I gave her an indication and like an obedient girl. She took out my dick from pajamas and started to lick it like sweet candy. She gave me one of the best blowjobs I could remember. She licked it whole, sucked my balls, blew the whole damn dick.

And then, she pushed me back on the bed, made me lie down a bit. She took my hard hard shaft in her hands and slid it inside her tight wet pussy. Omg! That tight wet pussy. She kept on riding me like a stallion for about good 20-25 minutes. She didn’t budge.

I kept on fucking this beautiful girl, she kept on shouting my name. She came like thrice on me making me all wet with her juices. I was laid there, she took my cock out of her, turned around, started blowing me again. She indicated to me to suck her in 69 position. I gave her a good deep tongue fucking.

She was moaning which blowing me, and as I was about to cum. She took me whole inside her mouth and drank the semen like an energy drink. That just impressed me to a whole other level. We both came off so tired. I had the best night’s sleep in a long time.

We both slept with each other with even on clothing on each other. The next day we fucked again in the shower.

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