Watched muslim wife fucked by salesman – Exotic sex story

Watched muslim wife fucked by salesman – Exotic sex story

Hi guys, my name is Salman and this story is told by my wife Shabnam to me. We are a very open couple and we know about each other’s past and fantasies.

Shabnam used to be a real slut during her college days and fucked lots of guys. She was even fucked forcefully by her ex-boyfriend’s friend. She has told me everything and we are a happy couple.

I am close to 40 years old and Shabnam is 36 years old, but you cannot tell as she does not look a day older than 30. She is fit and sexy. Her complexion is fair and she is 5′ 5” tall with a good figure and big boobs.

Shabnam has fucked most of my close friends but my friends don’t know that she has told me everything. My friends think that they are fucking my wife behind my back.

My friends don’t even know about others fucking my wife and think that they are the only one bedside me. As I said, we are very open-minded and don’t mind each other fucking different people.

Lately, our sex life was getting dull as I don’t get charged easily due to office pressure. But Shabnam was horny all the time and I was finding it very difficult to satisfy her every time.

So my wife decided to explore more outside to satisfy herself. All her friends were also big-time sluts and always found new ways to fulfill their desires. One of her friends told her about a saree shop where salesmen gets very personal while selling sarees to clients and my wife decided to explore that.

My wife asked me if I could join her and that way I can view her getting touched all over by the salesman. I decided to make things spicy in our bedroom and accepted to join her.

That day, she took a long bath, wore a sexy, tight tee-shirt and a floral skirt and we drove to the saree shop. It was a fairly big shop with 3 floors and a basement as a godown.

We were greeted by the owner and he asked us if it was the first time we are visiting the shop. We said, “Yes.” He got us cold drinks and treated us really well. He asked us the purpose of the visit and we told him that Shabnam wanted to buy 3-4 sarees, expensive ones, and we wanted her to try each one as well.

The owner was not even listening to a single word I said, as he was continuously staring at Shabnam’s boobs. My wife knew the look, but she was casually avoiding eye contact so that he can enjoy the view.

The owner said that right now there was too much crowd in the shop and he won’t be able to spend a good time with us. So he asked us to come during lunch-time as there would be no shoppers then as he puts the shutters down during lunch.

We were very happy with the suggestion as we won’t have to hurry while trying out the sarees and buying them, then the owner can focus only on us. We happily agreed to come back later and went away. Back of our minds, both of us knew what exactly the owner wanted and that was exactly what we wanted.

We took a stroll in the market and eagerly waited for 1 pm. Once the clock struck at 1 pm, we went to the shop without wasting any time. The owner greeted us again and once we were in, he put down the shutter and a lunchtime board. Now the actual fun begins.

He told one of his workers to take us to the second floor and show us all the good sarees and he continued with his lunch. Once we were on the second floor, he started showing us the good sarees.

The worker’s name was Ashok and he must be somewhere around 22-23 years. He was not massively built but an average person, darkish complexion.

My wife chose 7-8 sarees and told Ashok that she wants to try them. Ashok agreed. He asked my wife to stand on a raised platform. I was curiously watching all this and waiting for him to touch my wife.

The salesman Ashok started draping the saree on my wife. He was very professional and did not explicitly touch my wife and draped the saree. My wife was constantly asking me how she was looking for.

I thought that Ashok might be conscious of my presence and that was why he was playing safe. To make sure that Shabnam got what she deserved, I irritatingly told her, “I don’t care. Just choose the sarees and we will go,” and I started looking at my phone.

Ashok was noticing all this and this was exactly what he was waiting for. The next saree he started draping and I was watching from the corner of my eye.

The salesman touched my wife body very casually and touched her boobs from the back of his hand and then tucked the saree in her skirt. He put his hand in Shabnam’s jeans while tucking and touched her pelvic area with the back of his hands.

He tucked the saree really low and enjoyed every moment of my wife’s body. Shabnam was also very cool and enjoying this. She did not object at all. Ashok noticed that she was not objecting and he became bolder. He thought I was busy on my phone but I was watching all this. With every new saree, he was touching Shabnam boldly.

This time he was touching her boobs without any fear. He was now pretty sure that I am a cuckold husband and we want to enjoy it. Now while trying the new saree, he was pressing her boobs knowing that he can pass that as a trial technique.

Every time he was tucking the saree in her shirt, he was going deeper. He was able to touch her butt crack as well while tucking behind. He was not going behind her to tuck the saree but was just doing everything from the front.

His face and body were extremely close to my wife. I was enjoying this. Now Ashok became bold and started touching her in front of me. None of us said anything to him.

He said, “Now you need a blouse as well for the saree,” and started showing her new matching cloth for the blouses. My wife chose a few of them and Ashok started taking measurements.

He called a younger boy Rakesh, to note down the measurements while he took the measurements. Now Ashok was measuring her blouse and touching every part of her boobs. He was casually pressing her boobs while measuring and

Ashok and Rakesh were getting an erection. Ashok told her that for correct measurements, it’s better that she removes her tee-shirt and without waiting for her approval, started removing it.

Both of us were shocked and before we could react, Shabnam was standing there just in her bra and skirt. But anyway that’s what we wanted as well.

He pressed her boobs really well and even I was getting a boner. Ashok was now out of control, as his boner was hard and erect and he wanted to fuck Shabnam.

Even Rakesh was staring hard at her boobs. Ashok said they have new stock in the godown and if she wanted to see it, they could go there. Both of us knew where this was leading to.

Shabnam said, “Ok.” She asked me if I wanted to come. I said, “No,” as I wanted her to become a real slut and fuck them. Ashok asked Rakesh to get the lift and without waiting for her to wear the Tee-shirt they started walking towards the lift.

Once in the godown, Ashok pretended to show clothes and was not leaving a single chance to touch my wife. I could watch this, through the CCTV cameras installed in the shop.

After a while, Ashok grabbed Shabnam from behind and started kissing her. Shabnam tried to push him back, just to pretend that she does not want that.

Rakesh came and put a hand on her mouth so that she cannot scream and pulled her down. Now Shabnam was on the floor and Rakesh was near her head holding her mouth and hands and Ashok was near her legs.

Ashok took her skirt and started moving it up. He uncovered the waxed, shining, white legs of Shabnam. He became mad and started kissing her legs, each and every inch.

Meanwhile, Rakesh who had never had any girl in his life, was constantly kissing my wife’s face, each and every inch. Now Shabnam was giving up the fight knowing she was going to fuck both of them.

Realizing that she was no longer struggling, Rakesh moved his hands from my wife’s mouth and started kissing her boobs. He put his tongue into Shabnam’s mouth and started sucking it.

Shabnam never had any chance to kiss a young boy earlier. She also started responding. Rakesh was now pressing her boobs violently. He removed the bra and started sucking her round boobs.

On other hand, Ashok removed my wife’s panty and skirt. Shabnam was now completely naked. Both of them pulled out their cocks and forced her to suck both of them.

Shabnam was the best cock sucker you would ever know, and I can vouch for that. She started giving head to both of them one by one. Both of them were moaning loudly as Rakesh who could not hold on any longer, ejaculated in her mouth.

He asked her to swallow it to which Shabnam obliged. Now salesman Ashok started fucking my wife in all positions and calling her names. I couldn’t hear what he said but Shabnam later told me that he was calling her, “kutiya, randi, chinal, etc.”

Shabnam was used to hearing such names about herself, so she was cool. Finally, Ashok ejaculated in her pussy. All of them wore their clothes and came to the second floor.

I asked her what happened pretending like I don’t know anything. She said she chose a few blouses and will pick them up next week.

Then we came to the counter, where the owner was sitting and we asked him how much to pay. He said Shabnam’s performance was really good and it is all on the house. I was shocked to hear that and then realized that the owner also had the CCTV screen.

He said, “Kutiya, sab recorded hai.”

He told her that she had to come every week during lunchtime and satisfy him and his other clients.

He said, “Ab tu sabk irandi banegi aur unke liye paise kamayegi.” With this, he came towards my wife and pulled up her skirt and started fingering her.

I was helpless. He was spanking my wife’s butt and all of them were laughing. He pulled her panty down and kept that as a souvenir.

From that day onward, my wife goes to that shop every Tuesday during lunchtime and I don’t know how many men she has fucked till now. But finally, our sex life is getting better. She tells me all the stories and the men she has fucked. She is now a professional whore and almost everyone in the locality knows about this. But we are happy.

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