Play-acting to breaking hymen of cousin Divya – Desi Tales

Play-acting to breaking hymen of cousin Divya – Desi Tales

Hi all Desi Tales readers, this is Vijay again from Bangalore. This story is all about me and my virgin cousin Divya which took place when we were in Jr. College.

So, the story starts here. I was in my late teens (18 years old) and I was not much aware about sex and all that stuff. One day one of my friends showed me some sex videos and I was shocked at first to see all that. But then later I enjoyed it.

I had a cousin Divya, who was the same age as me and we used to study in the same college. She used to like me but I did not have any feelings for her at that time. Now after watching these videos I began seeing her in a different manner.

Daily after college I used to go to her home and from there my dad used to pick me to take me home when he returned from office. I started to play with her we had a small group near to her home so we all used to play there.

Once, I told all of them that today we will play mummy-papa game. I will be their daddy and Divya would be their mom. Divya agreed happily for the same. They all agreed and the game started. I told all of them that it was morning and they all have to get ready and go to school.

They all started to get ready like wearing shoes, filling their bags etc. Then I told them to go out and imagine that they have gone to school. I I came to Divya and told her, “So What now? All our children have left. What’s your plan?”

My virgin cousin blushed at first and then said, You decide.” I said, “Hhmmm..Ok. I will go to the office, come home and then we will decide.” She said, “Ok.”

After a few minutes, I called all the children back and told them now it was night and will have dinner and sleep.

All agreed. We pretended to have dinner and I made them all sleep.

I and Divya slept next to each other, side by side. All were sleeping. It was totally silent. Then slowly I kept my hand on my cousin’s stomach. She didn’t say anything.

I became a little bold and turned her face towards me and kissed her on the cheeks! She just blushed and said, “Hey, they will see us. They all are here.”

I said, “They are all asleep.. Don’t worry.”

Divya said, “No, not here. Let’s go somewhere else.”

Divya took me to a place on the roof of her home where there was a small tent. We went in. There was a rough bed. She lay on the bed and called me towards her. I went near her, she took my hand and it kept on her stomach and lay there.

I was getting aroused, so I took my cousin’s face towards me and went near her lips. She closed her eyes and I just started to kiss her soft lips. Ohhh God, it was just an awesome feeling. I kept on sucking her lower lip and she was just moaning slowly, “Hmmm….hmmm.”

Then my cousin also started to respond by opening her mouth wide. Soon I inserted my tongue in her mouth. I started to roll my tongue all over her teeth, tongue – everywhere. Even she began inserting her tongue in my mouth and licking my lips.

We were lost in each other. And then I placed my hands on my cousin’s boobs which were not very big but were easy to hold in the palms of my hands. Divya moaned again. I then took her upper lip in my mouth and started to suck it harder.

I continued pressing her boobs, and then all of a sudden, I bit her upper lip. Divya just moaned harder, “Hmmmmm…..” I was feeling like chewing her lips to the fullest.

Then I started to rub her boobs hard. She was enjoying that. And then again I bit her lower lip – a bit harder this time. She opened her eyes and pushed me. I saw a small amount of blood coming from her upper lip. She said, “Can’t you do it gently?? See, you have hurt me now.”

I said, “Sorry dear, I never meant to hurt you. I just wanted to taste your blood mixed with your saliva.”

She blushed and said, “Ok, but not so hard,” and then we again started to kiss and I tasted her blood from her lips.

After that, I got up and told my cousin to remove her top. She said, “Somebody may come,” but I said, “You know very well that no one comes here.”

Divya closed the small door of the tent and started to remove her top.

Wow, it was a nice view. I was seeing a real girl nude in front of me for the first time. My cousin removed her top and now she was in her slip and salwar. I told her to remove that also. She said, “First you also remove everything, then only I will I agree.”

I removed my shirt and pant. I was just in underwear. She too removed her shalwar. Wow, then came the best view. A black panty and a slip. She was looking smoking hot. I pointed to the slip with a questioning look. She said that she was feeling shy.

I then went towards my cousin and lay her on bed and hugged her tightly. We both started to smooch each other. I slowly took my hand to her panty and inserted it in her panty. There it was, my cousin’s glorious pussy.

There were tiny hairs all over her pussy area. I could feel the hairs.

I took my hand over her pussy crack. OMG, it was so hot. I just kept my hand over there for sometime. I then opened her pussy lips with my fingers. God, she was already wet there.

I could feel my cousin’s juices flowing as soon as I opened her lips. I then got up from her side and started to remove her panty. She began to assist me my lifting up her hips so that I could totally remove her panty.

I finally managed to remove it and began to smell it. She was blushing when she saw me doing that. She tried to cover her face with her hands in shame. Then I removed her slip and there she was completely nude in front of me.

Divya’s boobs were of normal size and there were dark nipples, which had become erect by then.

I just jumped over her and started to chew and lick her nipples. Wow, hat was an amazing feeling. She was just moaning, “Hmmm….mmmmmm….. haa..mmmmmm… it faster…”

I began doing that. I bit her right nipple with my teeth, she again shouted, “Aaaaah…Viju….Aaaah…..slowly it hurts….na.”

I again made my cousin calm down and licked her boobs. I lifted both her hands and licked her armpits. She enjoyed that a lot.

I went down and licked her navel. I put my tongue in there and made circles in it. I liked the taste of her navel. Then I went lower to her honey pot. There was a fine growth of hair there. I licked them too. It had a salty taste.

Then I went to my cousin’s pussy line. I kissed it from up only and licked her pussy line, and then I parted her pussy lips, and started to lick her pussy. She went mad by this and started moaning loudly, “Mmmmmm….hmmmmm…… aaaaaaahh…haaaa…Viju, what are you doing? It’s amazing.”

I continued licking Divya’s pussy lips, and then licked her G-spot. My cousin held my hair and pulled more towards her pussy. I licked it completely, and bit her G-spot also. She shouted, “Ouch….aaaah,”

I inserted one finger in Divya’s pussy. It was too difficult to do so at first. When I tried doing this, she went up a bit and said that it was paining. I told her to relaxed, and started licking her again. Then slowly and slowly, I inserted my middle finger in my cousin’s pussy. She began to enjoy this a lot.

I was continuously fucking her with my middle finger. She was moaning loudly.

Then I removed my finger and told Divya to taste it. She agreed and tasted it. After that, I came and placed my 5-inches cock on her pussy and tried to insert it but failed as it slipped out.

I told her to part her pussy lips with her hand. She did so and I placed my cock just a little above her anus where there is the pussy hole and gave a small stroke. It went half in tearing her hymen. She shouted in pain, “Aaaahhhhhh…..aaah. ..Ammma…Viju just remove it’s paining a lot.”

My cousin was just pushing me away from her, but I consoled her and started to kiss her on forehead, neck and boobs. She calmed down a little. After that I liplocked her and gave a final thrust. My full cock was in her pussy. A little blood also came from her pussy hole.

Divya was in pain, and was trying to shout but I had lip locked her, She was just murmuring, “Mmmmmm…… hmmmmm….. hmmm… aaah..hmmm.”

I increased the speed of fucking my virgin cousin and after fucking her for sometime, I realized that I was going to come.

So I removed my cock and sprayed my cum on all over Divya’s stomach. Even she came at that time. Her love juices started to flow with blood. We then lay there exhausted, side by side.

So, that was the story of my first time sex with my hot cousin. I hope you all horny people liked it.

Please do comment so that I can write even more encounters with her and ladies. I am available all the time for FUN.

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