Seduced and fucked a dusky and shy Andhra wife – Hot sex story

Seduced and fucked a dusky and shy Andhra wife – Hot sex story

Hello, my lovely friends. I am thankful to all those lovely men and women who have made this site what it is today.

I am a regular reader and an author myself. What started as an attempt to pen down my experience as a remembrance turned out to hone my writing skills and from there turned me into an author.

After reading my stories, it was an Indian origin girl from the US who first contacted me asking me to write for her which I did. I never gave a thought towards writing again until one fine day I got a message from a woman named P C Reddy. That was her hangouts id.

The message just read “Hi, Read your story. Very horny.” I replied with a thanks and the conversation continued about where she was from and what she liked in the story, etc.

She was married and had a child and she was from a small town in Andhra Pradesh but she was very familiar with Bangalore as her sister-in-law i.e her husband’s sister stayed here with her family. Mrs Reddy, i.e., PC Reddy would often visit Bangalore as she stayed only around 150 km from Bangalore but in Andhra.

Every day, there would be a good morning or just a Hi message and this continued for a month.

One day, she asked me what I liked in women. I said I was an ass-lover and I also love boobs. She just said “ohh” and kept quiet. I asked her why she asked and she replied, “Yemi ledu” (meaning, nothing) in Telugu.

A couple of days later, she asked me why I stopped my affair with my neighbor aunt (which I had told her about). I told her that priorities had changed and she was also getting old and had lost the passion that she once had.

Mrs. Reddy then made a comment, “Vayasu ayipothe, aapesthaava yenti” (If someone becomes old, will you stop?”)

I said, “No, old is good and I always prefer old to new. But there should be passion.”

She just sent a smiley and kept quiet.

One day, at night she messaged me asking if I was comfortable sharing my photo. I said, “I am but I am also apprehensive about it. I can share the photo of ‘that’.”

She questioningly asked, “That means?”. I said, “That means my dick.”

She sent a shocking emoji and replied, “Okay, share.”

I took a photo of my dick in its full glory and shared it with her. She said, “Yenti intha peddadi” (It is so thick). I said yes and asked her to share her photo. She declined but after persisting, she agreed to send me the photo of her bra and pantie.

She sent a photo of her bra and pantie laid out on the bed. The size of the bra confirmed that the size was indeed 36 that she had claimed it was. I sent a mouth-watering emoji and she just laughed.

After a couple of days, she messaged me saying she was coming to Bangalore to attend a function with her kid and she said, “Husband raaru” (husband will not come). I didn’t know why she said that.

I asked her to meet me. She said, “Noooo. Neeku yemi piccha” (Are you mad?)

I asked what was wrong in meeting. She simply said, “Ok, let’s see.”

After 3 days, she messaged me saying she was in Bangalore and would stay for a couple of days more. I again asked her to meet me. She said she can come but only for 30 minutes.

She asked me to meet her at Meenakshi mall and she said she would be in a red saree with a black blouse and would be carrying a white handbag.

I made my way to the mall. I ensured I wore my best outfit. I had shaved and applied a nice after-shave.

My heart was beating very fast. It was not the first time that I was courting a woman but I didn’t know why this time I was a bit tensed.

I reached the mall, parked my car and went inside towards the place where we had agreed to meet. I waited for 15 minutes and then got a hangout message asking, “Vachindaava?” (Have you reached?)

I replied yes and said I was waiting. She came after 5 minutes and we just greeted. She was not fair. She was in fact on the darker side. She was not very fat but her boobs stood out.

We started moving towards the food court and I followed her. I was checking out her ass as we were taking the escalator to the food court. After sitting down, she asked me what sI would like to eat? I said I will have a coffee. She asked why and I said, “I prefer eating you.”

She hit my hand and said, “donga” (thief).

We finished eating and drinking and she said she had to leave. I said I will drop her but she asked what if someone sees? I said I will drop her near her sister-in-law’s house and not at the doorstep. She agreed and we started driving back.

Bannerghatta road is a very busy road for people who are not aware and driving could be a pain. The traffic was moving at a snail’s pace and we were talking generally. Finally, I took some courage and held her hand. She did not withdraw it but simply smiled and asked, “What?”

I said, “nothing” and continued to hold her hand.

At a traffic signal, I took her hand to my mouth and kissed it and while keeping the hand back on her thighs, I made sure to rub my hand on her right boob! She just looked at me and said, “Yentha dairyamu neeku” (How bold you have become). I just laughed.

She asked me what I liked about her. I said, “Your boobs and ass.” I told her I loved the way her ass swayed when she walked. I asked her if we can meet again. She asked, “Where?”

I said, “In my house.” She said, “Piccha neeku. Yemi chaptunnaavu?” (Are you mad? What are you saying?)

I told her that no one would be home the next day as they would be going to the native for a function. She knew about my native as it was on the way to her town. She did not reply but said she would message me.

That night she messaged me saying she would come but only for an hour and that I should not do anything. I agreed.

The next day, I picked her up at a designated place and took her to my house. She liked the house and asked me to show some albums if I had. I took out some old albums and sitting next to her, I was showing it to her. While turning the pages, I made sure I touched her boobs and pressed it also with the back of my palm!

After that, I asked if I can order food. She said, “No, we will eat outside.” I agreed and then she asked, “Shall we go?” I replied in the negative tone and said, “Please stay for some more time.”

She said it was difficult but I was in no mood to listen. So I held her hand and kissed. She didn’t say anything.

I took it as a yes and hugged her. I put my hand on her back and started feeling her back and then gradually brought it down to her ass. She was wearing a cotton saree and I could feel the fullness of her ass.

I started squeezing it and then moved my hand up and inserted in the gap between her pallu and blouse and started pumping the boob over the blouse.

She asked, “Yenti chestunnaavu?!” (What are you doing?! Leave me.)

But I continued pressing her boobs and then whispered in her ears, “I can’t. I want you”.

I made her stand and started taking her towards my room. She was hesitant but nonetheless followed me.

Once inside the room, I took the safety pin holding her pallu to the blouse and let the pallu fall down on her waist. Now my sweet PC or Mrs. Reddy was sitting with a black blouse and half-removed white cotton saree.

I made her sleep on the bed and put my hand on her legs and started rolling the saree up with the petticoat. She just kept murmuring, “Vadhu” (Please don’t). But I kept pushing it up.

Her legs were thin but dusky. She was a typical Andhra woman with a beautiful dusky color. I squeezed her thigh and then left the saree there on the thighs and moved to her boobs. I started unhooking her blouse and removed it completely. She spread her arms to help me remove it completely.

She was now in her light pink bra. The bra looked like it could hardly hold her big melons. I started removing the saree and she lifted her ass to ensure I remove it completely.

The next sight was awesome. She was lying with her hands spread out on the bed and one leg lifted at the knee.

I put my hand on the black petticoat. There was a gap where she had tied the knot and the pantie was visible through the gap. I untied the knot and pulled the petticoat down.

Mrs. Reddy was now lying down in the pink bra and a light green pantie. The pantie was not a designer one but a simple cotton pantie. I could see a patch of wetness on her clit.

I put my hand there and gave a pinch. She moaned, “Ahhh, noppi..” (it pains). I put my hand behind and unclasped the bra and removed it completely. I could now see the huge melons. She had round dark areolas and thick nipples.

I put my mouth there and started chewing the nipples and at the same time, I was mauling the other boob. She let out a moan and held my head tightly.

I moved down and started sliding the pantie down. The glorious cunt hole now became visible. There were a few strands of hair and the lips had swollen.

inserted a finger and gave a twist. She said, “Aaaaah. Champesthaavu nanni” (You will kill me).

I removed the pantie completely and now my sweet Mrs. Reddy was lying down stark naked. I quickly removed my clothes and in my birthday suit, I put my mouth on her cunt and started biting it. She was completely under my spell now.

She held my hair and started pulling it. I looked at her and smiled. She simply put her right hand across her eyes and said, “Cheyi please” (Please do it).

I told her, “Condom ledu” (I don’t have a condom). She said, “It’s okay, just do it.”

I put my dick at the entrance of her cunt and gave a push. It went in easily and I started pumping. I started with slow thrusts and then increased the pace. She was hitting the sides of the bed with her fist now and kept saying something which I could not understand.

I then held her shoulders for grip and started the final assault. I kept pumping with full vigor and then told her again that I was about to come and if it was okay. She said, “Cheyi periods ayi chaala roz ayindhi” (Do it, it has been a long time since my periods happened).

I gave a few more powerful thrusts and emptied my liquid inside her. It looked like I was cumming forever.

Then I lied on her body for some time and then rolled over. She turned and hugged me and put her hand on my sticky dick. She squeezed it once and said, “Paad chesavu nanni” (You spoiled me).

I hugged her and kissed her forehead and said, “Thanks.”

We got up and dressed. She was a little tired and sat for some time and then she asked me to drop her.

On the way, we ate lunch but she was not at all in the mood to eat. I dropped her a little distance away from her sister-in-law’s house and while getting down, she just nodded her head and left.

That night she messaged saying, “Shall I request one thing?” I said, yes.

She said, “Please don’t ask me again to do it but we will always remain close like this.”

I agreed and to date, I have not asked her for sex but we still continue a healthy relationship.

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