Story of romantic love making with Mrs Naidu

Story of romantic love making with Mrs Naidu

The apartment where I live is filled with professionals and a few families who run their businesses. The common thing among all these business families is that they all belong to one community and speak Telugu.

The story I will narrate is about romantic love making with the lady of one such family and how Mrs. Naidu and I unleashed our lustful desires. This family had four people, a husband, a wife, and two children. The children were studying.

One day while going up to my apartment in the lift, I happened to meet the couple’s daughter. She introduced herself and told me about her college and studies. When she mentioned the college name, I told her that I was an alumnus of the same college.

I quickly developed a cordial relation with the girl and her brother, a couple of years younger. They both greeted me and had small talks with me whenever we met. The fact was that they had moved to our apartment recently and were on the same floor where I lived.

Every time I had to use the lift, I had to pass their house and sometimes when the door was opened, the children used to greet me. One day, while waiting for the lift, their door opened, and the girl and her mother came towards the lift.

The girl introduced me to her mother, who looked not more than 42 or 43. I was sure that she was married at an early age and had children early. The mother greeted me. When the lift arrived, we got into it and started our journey towards the parking.

While descending, I observed the mother.  She was in a salwar suit. She was normal looking with small breasts and not a big ass. She was dusky and had big eyes. I don’t know why I started getting attracted to her. The parking lot arrived, and we departed with a smile.

The next day, when I met Chaitra’s mother in the lift, she thanked me for the advice given. That day, it was only her mother and in the lift. Let us call her Mrs. Naidu. I don’t want to mention her first name here for privacy purposes. She was in a white salwar suit.

The dress was transparent, but the sad part was she was wearing a slip to hide her bra from being visible. I managed to quickly scan and make out that she was wearing a black bra hidden by the slip. She noticed me trying to peek into her dress. When I realized she had caught me staring at her, I was embarrassed, but I found a faint smile on her face.

A few days later, I was going out, and to take the lift, I had to pass through Mrs. Naidu’s house. I saw Mrs. Naidu bending down and drawing rangoli in front of the door. She was bending in such a way that her ass was facing my door. She was wearing a pink nighty.

Because she had bent, I could clearly make out the V cut of her panty. As I neared her house, I could see that she was wearing a black bra. She immediately turned towards my door. To my luck, the front of her nighty gave way to give me a clear view of her cleavage.

The black netted bra holding the dusky boobs was prominently visible, and the mangalsutra chain was swaying to and fro. It was such an erotic moment that my hand went to my dick to squeeze it a little involuntarily.

Mrs. Naidu saw what I did to my dick, and again I could see a teasing smile on my Telugu neighbor’s face. I wished her good morning and hurried towards the lift.

After a few days, Chaitra completed her semester, and she was ready to leave for Trivandrum for her training. She came and bid goodbye to me, and she told me that She would be back in a few months. The next day, she left, and her parents were visibly sad.

I assured them that Trivandrum was a safe place and they had nothing to worry about. Mr. Naidu was a man of few words. He simply thanked me and went inside. Mrs. Naidu, however, stood back to talk to me. I spoke to her about the company Chaitra was selected in and all the company’s growth aspects.

Mrs. Naidu was happy listening to all that I said. While leaving, I don’t know why she said that Mr. Naidu and her son were leaving for Chennai for a week. After a couple of days, my wife had to leave for her parents’ home as her mother was sick. She had a plan of staying there for at least a week.

I dropped my wife at her parent’s house. When I got off the lift and walked towards my house, Mrs. Naidu’s door opened. My angel appeared with a smile. She was in a cotton sari and a matching blouse. Again I did what I always liked to do.

I started screwing her with my eyes. I was searching for the color of the bra and again found it to be black. I was wondering if she did not wear a bra of any other color. She caught me trying to peep into her blouse. She adjusted her sari pallu and asked me if my wife had left. I told her, yes.

She asked me what I would do for dinner. I told her that I was a good cook, and I would cook for myself. She was surprised and said that Mr. Naidu or her son never entered the kitchen, and she had to do it all by herself. I told her that I would cook something nice and give it to her that night.

She blushed a little, and politely refused. I, however, convinced her that it would not be big trouble. I would share a little of whatever I cook. That night I cooked Veg Biriyani, my favorite. I put a little in a vessel and carried it to Mrs. Naidu’s house. I rang the bell.

She opened the door, and there she was, my sexy angel in her green nighty. I handed over the biryani vessel to her. She invited me inside and started walking towards her kitchen. The hem of her petticoat was visible at the bottom. It was skirting the silver toe ring as she walked and the sway of her ass made me mad.

I looked to see if I could spot my favorite black bra insider her nighty, and I was damn right. It was black, indeed. She kept the vessel on the dining table and turned back to walk back to the living room. Again she caught me staring at her. She again had a sexy smile and asked me to sit down.

I hesitatingly sat down on the sofa and asked her if she had finished cooking. She answered in the affirmative and sat opposite me. I was wearing a blue t-shirt and black Nike shorts. She complimented the choice of color of my dress. I thanked her and, without hesitation, asked her if her favorite color was black.

She looked at me and laughingly asked why I felt that it was black. I bit my tongue and just said I guessed. She was not convinced and persuaded me to tell her. I don’t know where I got the courage from. I simply said that I always observe her wearing black things that cannot be seen but always hidden.

She laughed aloud and said that she did not know this side of me. I said that I am very naughty when I have to be and then got up and saying good night. I left.

After around half an hour, my intercom rang. I don’t know why I felt it could be Mrs. Naidu. I answered the phone with a shivering hand and a fast-beating heart, and I was right. It was indeed, Mrs. Naidu. She thanked me for the Biriyani again and said it was very delicious.

I took a chance and started flirting. I said it may have been delicious but not as delicious as her. I don’t think she expected such a comment from me. But she immediately replied back with equal naughtiness and asked me how I knew that she was delicious without tasting.

I had now got some courage and replied back that some things don’t have to be tasted. But the look and the aroma are enough to guess it is delicious. She started laughing and arguing that there was no way to call something or someone delicious without tasting it.

I immediately replied, saying, I don’t mind tasting if given a chance. She was quiet for some time and then asked me if I had finished my dinner. I said yes and then again went back to the same topic. I asked her if a poor soul like me would get a chance to taste what I want.

She was again quiet and said, “Let’s see,” and then, saying good night, hung up the phone. That night, I could not sleep at all. I looked at the clock, and it was showing 11 PM. I don’t know why, but I felt like calling her. With great courage, I dialed her intercom number.

Within 3 rings, the phone was answered. I was bold to do this as I knew we were both alone in our respective houses. I said ‘Hello,’ and without waiting for her to answer, I asked if she had slept off. She asked how she would pick up the phone in 3 rings if she was asleep.

I said I was sorry to disturb her but that I was not able to control my emotions. I told her that I was not sure why I was so attracted to her. She was silent. Then she said that it was wrong to get attracted to a married woman with two grown-up children. I then said that lust has no age and morals.

She continued arguing that it was wrong. Then she suddenly asked me what I liked about her. I started describing it. I started saying, “ Your skin color, your breasts, and your ass.” She listened to it and then said, “Your wife is beautiful and has better assets than me.”

I replied that from the time I had seen her, my dick was yearning for her. She was again quiet for some time and then said, “What if someone comes to know about all this?” I replied saying, “How would somebody know if we keep it a secret?”

She was not convinced. But she said that she would either agree or disagree the next day. She said that if she came to my house the next night to return the biryani vessel, then it is a “yes.” If it was a “no,” she would return the vessel only after my wife returned.

I agreed and then thanked her and, holding my dick, went to sleep, switching off the light. I must have masturbated thinking of Mrs. Naidu at least 4 times that night. The next day was very painful for me. I had no mood to work in the office. I frequently drifted away in thoughts of making love to Mrs. Naidu.

In the evening, when I returned from work, I found Mrs. Naidu talking to another Telugu lady near the parking lot. She greeted me with a smile. I smiled back and went to my apartment. I was looking at the clock and was wondering why it wasn’t 9 PM yet.

At 5 minutes past 9 PM, the doorbell rang, and I was completely excited. I opened the door and found Mrs. Naidu holding the vessel in her hand. When she extended her hand to give the vessel, I held her by the wrist and pulled her inside.

She was shocked and said, “What are you doing? It’s still 9, and somebody might see us.” She handed the vessel to me and said she would give me a ring at 11. I should keep the door unlocked. Saying this, she quickly went away towards her house.

I was damn excited. I took a shower, cooked a nice meal. Wearing my favorite blue t-shirt and Nike shorts, I was watching TV. At 2 minutes past 11, the intercom rang. I picked up the phone and heard her voice saying, “Keep the door unlocked.”

She asked me to switch off the lights both outside and inside the house. I did that and sat down in anticipation. A few minutes later, I found the door opening slowly, and in came my beautiful angel. She was in her pink nighty. She closed the door slowly and bolted it.

I was sitting on the sofa. She signaled me to walk towards the guest room. I think she did not want to sleep with me when I slept with my wife. I walked towards the guest room and sat on the bed. She came inside and turned on the light. The only light in the house was that of the guest room.

She sat next to me on the bed and said, “Is it right? I don’t think we should do it.”  I held her hands and said it was too late to contemplate what was right and wrong. I moved my hand to her face and started drawing a line with my forefinger on her face.

She was very excited. It was the first time that a man other than her husband was touching her this way. I asked her if Mr. Naidu was good in bed. She said that he was Ok and that it was the same thing. The frequency had reduced. She asked me about my sex life. I replied that mine, too, had become monotonous.

I moved my hand to her right boob and gave a gentle squeeze. She moaned a bit and bit her lips. The nighty had hooks at the front, and the top hook was opened. I inserted a finger into the hole between two hooks and started feeling the cleavage. She just moaned and held my hand.

I moved her hand to my dick and prompted her to squeeze it. She did what I wanted and then gently put her head on my chest. I moved my hand from her boob to her back and started moving my hand from top to bottom.

Once I reached her ass, I gently squeezed it. I put my mouth in her neck region and started smooching her. She, too, had moved her hand to my back and was pulling me towards her lustfully. I now moved my face to her face from the neck region and put my lips on her lips, and started smooching her.

I gave a deep French kiss. When I pulled my lips out, she wiped her lips with her hands and said, “Chee, what did you do?” I asked her, “Why? Your husband does not kiss you?” She felt shy and hiding her face in my chest, she said no.
I now made her sleep on the bed and once again kissed her on the lips.

I started fondling her boobs. They were soft like a freshly baked bun. I started squeezing them hard and then went down near her feet. I kissed her feet once and then started sliding the nighty up along with the petticoat. Her legs were smooth, dusky, and hairless.

I started kissing her legs, moved to the inner thighs, and bit her thigh once. She moaned loudly, saying, “Ouch, slowly.” I started moving my head up, pushing the nighty with my head. As I moved up, she held on to my head and started pressing it.

I reached up completely to find her glory hole covered in a blue striped panty. I kissed her pussy over the panty and then gave a gentle bite. She just said, “Aaaah.” I then started pulling the nighty up. When I reached the neck region, her mangalsutra got entangled in the hooks of the nighty.

It took some time for me to separate the hook and the mangal sutra. Then I removed the nighty completely out. She was now in my favorite black bra, a petticoat pulled up till the waist exposing her panty covered pussy. I started untying the knot of her petticoat.

The excitement, the lust, and the tension made it difficult for me to remove the knot. She hit my hand and said, “Can’t you remove a simple knot?” I simply smiled and then finally managed to remove it. I started sliding down the petticoat and removed it completely from her body.

She was now in a black bra and blue striped panty. The mangalsutra and a few glass bangles, and a pair of gold bangles were all that was left. I moved my face to her stomach region, gave a gentle bite on her navel. Then moved my hand to her vaginal region. I could feel the wetness on the panty.

I started massaging her pussy region. I inserted one finger into her panty from the side and felt her hole dripping with her cunt juices. I held her hand and made her turn over and sleep on her stomach. I now unclasped her bra and left it dangling there, and moved down to her ass.

They were not very big, but somehow I liked them a lot. I bit her ass cheek over the panty and started kneading it with my hand. She was becoming very excited. She showed her excitement by lifting both her legs up and putting them down. I knew she was getting impatient now and wanted me to put my thing in her.

I knelt on her and whispered in her ears, “Shall we do it?” She simply said, “Please, do it fast.” We both were in our early 40s, and surprisingly both of us had a very strong sex drive. I again held her hand and made her sleep on her stomach.

I removed the bra from her body and smelt it once before putting it on the floor. She looked at me and said, “Chee, Yemi chestunnaavu?” meaning in Telugu, “What are you doing?” I think in her excitement, both Telugu and Kannada were coming out of her mouth.

I then moved down and started sliding her panty down. Soon the panty also found its way to the floor. My angel was now stark naked with just two gold jewelry pieces, one mangalsutra and another a pair of bangles. I quickly removed my shorts, t-shirt, and jockey.

Then took her hand and asked her to hold my dick. She held it in her fist and said, “ I will break it.” I made a funny face and said, “ Let it first taste the delicious dish and then do whatever you want to do.” She laughed and started stroking my dick.

I put my face on her pussy region and started licking her vagina and then, holding my dick in my hand, put it on her lips. She said, “Cheee, Yenu maadthidhira, nanage idhu ishta illa,” meaning in Kannada, “What are you doing? I don’t like it.”

I didn’t force her to take it in her mouth, but I continued licking her pussy. She was moaning very loudly. I asked her to control as the noise could reach the apartments below and above mine. She held her hand to her mouth and pleaded with me to stop.

I got up and realigned myself so that my dick was now on her cunt. I held it with my hand and gave a gentle push. I told her that I did not want to use a condom. She said it’s ok as she was operated on. I pushed my dick inside, and the warmth of her cunt walls made me go mad.

I held her waist and again pushed it deep inside. I started making slow rhythmic movements. With every push, she held my back tightly, sometimes scratching it and sometimes hitting it with her fist. I increased the pace and started pushing my dick deep inside her glory hole.

She was moving her head from left to right and back in excitement. Her eyes were half-closed, and now the hands had moved to either side. She was banging her fists on the bed in excitement. I continued to fuck her intermittently, kissing her on her cheeks. I stopped for some time and started chewing her nipples.

Her breasts were small, dusky, and soft. The softness was what drove me mad. I started making circular motions on the nipple with my tongue and then again started to hump her. She now wound her legs around my legs, and her hands were on my back, urging me to push hard.

I kept pushing and then, with a groan, emptied my baby-making fluid in her warm pussy. Both of us were exhausted and sweating. We hugged each other and slept. I kissed her on her lips and cheeks and said, “Thank you.”

She said, “Saaku, idhu onde Sali saaku,” meaning in Kannada, “Enough, let this be the only time.” I did not reply but rather rolled off her and, hugging her, pulled the bedsheet over our bodies, and slept.

I woke her up at around 3 AM and told her it was time for her to go back to her apartment. She got up and dressed. We hugged and kissed, and then she walked slowly towards her apartment. We never did it again, but the love between us remains even today.

She moved to her bungalow in the adjacent area. Still, even today, when we cross paths at a store or in the park or near the temple nearby, we express our love for each other through our eyes. It was really a wonderful moment in my life which I am not able to forget.

Chaitra has come back to Bangalore, finishing her training. She now goes to work every day at 8, and sometimes we meet on the road. She is still a cheerful girl. She is so much like her mother that whenever I meet Chaitra, my mind wanders back to that unforgettable night.

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