Seduction Of My Conservative Girlfriend – Romantic Erotica

Seduction Of My Conservative Girlfriend – Romantic Erotica

Hello, everyone, this is Saurabh aged 25 years living in Delhi. This story is about my ex-girlfriend Maryam (name changed) whom I fucked after 3 years of seduction. This will be a long story so whoever wants to read this should have patience.

I was in college at that time when I started chatting with my school friend Maryam on Facebook. She was a Muslim girl with a short height around 5’1. But her stats were awesome 36-28-36 which I got to know later. She was very beautiful and a lot of guys in our tried to get laid with her at that time.

She was a very strict Muslim girl who even didn’t allow me to talk about anything bad or vulgar. We talked continuously for 8 months. After that, she accepted my proposal and finally became my girlfriend. She was so strict that she didn’t even let me touch her hands.

But fate had decided something else. I had to go to another city to continue pursuing my studies. It became a long-distance relationship. But still, we used to chat a lot. Whenever I came back we used to meet but never did anything till now.

She told me that she only wants to chat with me and doesn’t want any physical relationship with me. Not even a hug or kiss. It was a normal long-distance relationship. We only used to chat our daily routines and what new happened in our day.

She was also preparing for medical examination and used to share what happened in the day. Once she was discussing a biology topic and slowly the chat shifted to sex. Slowly we started discussing various topics related to things that generally happen in a relationship.

I somehow convinced her to hug me. So next time when we met we hugged and this continued for the next 1 year. During hugging her I used to feel her breasts which were so big and round. I got to know later as she used to wear a very tight bra and so her breasts were always suppressed and looked normal.

I wanted to go further but she didn’t allow me. After one year I came back to Delhi after completing my studies. Now I wanted to feel her body so I decided that we’ll meet in a library which was near her house to study. After studying we wanted to take our lunch.

We were searching for someplace near the library. There was a park near this library. We went there. It had a basement like structure in the middle of it where we could go. The basement had different compartments of rooms that were under construction that was later made a govt building.

We finished our lunch and told her that I know a secret place here. We can go there it is very awesome. She agreed to go there. So I asked her to follow me to the place as I didn’t want anybody to see us going there together. She followed me there and after reaching there I asked her for a hug.

She agreed and we hugged. After that, I asked her to lie down as the place was so clean and told her to hug me sidewise lying. She got convinced after very long and we did it. It was so long that we were there and we decided to go. I got a feeling that this is the place where everything will happen and was happy.

Next time we met after 3 months. Again after finishing our lunch, I asked her to go there with me. I wanted to take this to the next level. When we reached there I asked her to lie down and hug her the same way we did the last time. She agreed and we were hugging each other.

Suddenly I asked her can I touch her stomach I like to touch it. She after a lot of convincing she allowed me and I was hugging and making round motions on her stomach with my hands. Her stomach was very soft she was a little chubby and I was enjoying it. After doing it for some time she also started enjoying.

Suddenly a thought came in my mind that this is the chance where I can take this to another level. After thinking I suddenly and swiftly took my hands her below her panty and touched her pussy. She was shocked and tried hard to take my hands out.

But I was just rubbing her pussy she was saying I’ll break up with you. But I was not listening. I stopped it after she was very wet and after this, we left. She was very angry with me. She didn’t talk to me for the next three months and she broke up with me.

I didn’t want it to happen. I had in my mind that I have invested a lot of time on her so I must fuck her. With a lot of convincing for two months, she patched up with me. We met after 5 months and something better happened. We met at the same library and started talking.

I didn’t want to take this very fast and waited patiently. During leaving time I asked her for a hug but she ignored and didn’t want to do anything. I promised her that I just want to hug her. She agreed after so much of requests and we again went to that place.

We started hugging each other and I asked her to lie down. We started hugging in that position. I took my hands on her stomach and she said don’t do this so I had to stop. After some time I took my hands to her stomach and started touching her in round motions.

I felt that her breath is increasing. I was convinced that she won’t stop me if I take my hands down. I did the same and to my surprise, she didn’t tell me anything. I kept rubbing her pussy and was enjoying it. One more shock came when she whispered in my ear if I can kiss her.

It was a double bonanza for me and I kissed her. It was our first kiss. But she was kissing like a pro. I asked her later how she knows to kiss she told me that she has watched a lot of kissing videos. I was busy kissing and rubbing her pussy and she was also enjoying.

This went for the next 30 minutes and I enjoyed it a lot. She cummed finally and was very satisfied with all this. We came back and we chatted at night. She told me that she also wanted to do this but was afraid. I convinced her of this every time we meet.

She allowed me with a condition that I’ll not remove her clothes and do from above. I’ll tell you the further story in the next part. Till then take care.


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