Young unmarried couples exchange girlfriends – Sex story

Young unmarried couples exchange girlfriends – Sex story

Hello all readers, today I am writing an erotic sex encounter that happened with me last month. Guys and girls, this is a very hot story which will make you cum!

This story is between Me (Rohit), my girlfriend (Rubina), my friend Nitin and his girlfriend Niharika.

Let me give you some details about us all. I am 5.7 ft in height and the size of my dick is 6 inches. My girlfriend Rubina has a figure of 32C-26-36, my friend Nitin’s height is 6 ft and his dick size is 5.5-inch while his girlfriend Niharika’s stats are 34B-28-36.

Both girls are very hot and have awesome figures. My girlfriend Rubina has light brown nipples with a tight ass. My friend’s girlfriend Niharika has huge boobs with pink nipples. We boys have athletic bodies.

Now let’s come to the story. I and Nitin are childhood friends. We used to share every small thing between us. Both of us are very horny also. We have also watched porn together, multiple times, and shared our fantasies about how we will fuck our future wives.

Last year after completing our college, we boys came to Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi for preparation of government exams. So we rented a 2 BHK flat with no restrictions. Nitin had a girlfriend – Niharika from his college days whereas I had a girlfriend in my coaching institute.

2 months after coming to Delhi, Niharika and Nitin were in a live-in relationship. After some time, I and my gf Rubina also started a live-in relationship. Every day we both couples used to have sex in their respective rooms. But the couple in the other room would be able to hear each other’s moans when we were engaged in fucking. The packets of condoms could be found in any corner of our flat.

Whenever my friend Nitin and his gf were not present in the flat then I and Rubina used to roam naked in the flat and fuck wherever we wanted. Similarly, Nitin and Niharika used to do the same.

We all 4 have a very friendly relationship. Non-veg jokes were common between us. Both the girls used to tease each other whenever they saw any love-bites on the other person’s body.

Rubina and Niharika sometimes shared their sex experience with each other like how Rohit licked Rubina’s pussy for 2 hours continuously or how Niharika gave a blowjob to Nitin.

The boys also shared their sex experience with each other in the girls’ absence. They also gave suggestions to each other in sex.

After 6 months of living, their lives had become monotonous and boring.

One day Nitin and I were sitting in the living room, as both the girls had gone out shopping. We boys were talking about how we can spice up our sex lives.

I came with an idea about having open sex where both the couples can fuck in each other’s presence. Nitin after thinking for a minute also liked the idea. So, that night, we boys after the sex talk to our girls about the open sex.

Here is the conversation between Rohit and Rubina:

Rohit – Rubina, I want to make our sex life interesting.

Rubina – How?

Rohit – I have an idea which can make our sex more erotic and amazing, where we both can enjoy to the fullest.

(Rubina after hearing this got wet and held Rohit’s dick and asked him about the idea).

Rubina – Tell me the idea.

Rohit – What about open sex where we along with Nitin and Niharika can do sex in the same room?

(After telling his idea, Rohit started rubbing his girlfriend’s pink pussy.) Rubina at first got shocked and told Rohit:

Rubina – Rohit, it is impossible as we can’t be naked in their presence. Sharing non-veg jokes is okay, but how can we do sex in front of them?

Rohit – Rubina, it is not impossible because our friendship is very strong and it would be like we are doing sex while watching a live blue film.

(Rohit started fingering Rubina’s wet pussy).

Rubina – I will feel shy in front of Nitin as I have to be nude.

Rohit – Don’t worry about it because we will not switch on the lights. So, in the dark, he won’t be able to see you naked.

(Rubina after hearing this got excited and started shaking Rohit’s dick which was harder than the usual).

Rubina – Ok Rohit, let’s go ahead and make our friendship and sex life more interesting but what about Nitin and Niharika? Will they also agree?

Rohit – Nitin has agreed and he will also make Niharika ready.

Rubina – Ok.

After that, I wWhatsApped my friend Nitin that Rubina was ready and then I and Rubina started another round which lasted for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Nitin also told the same to Niharika. After some hesitation, Niharika also got agreed.

The next day, both the boys went outside and then the girls started talking about the open sex plan that they had agreed to.

Rubina – Niharika, did Nitin tell you about open sex?

Niharika – Yes..

Rubina – So are you ready?

Niharika (shyly): Ya (in a low voice).

Rubina winked and smiled, then she gave a pinch to Niharika’s boobs. Niharika also did the same. Meanwhile, the boys on their way to coaching classes discussed last night.

Rohit – Has Niharika agreed?

Nitin – Yes.

Rohit – Good. Now let’s make a plan for the big game.

So it was decided that after 4 days at 9 pm, both couples will gather in the common living room, will watch a blue film together on the 43 inches LED TV with rooms slightly closed. It was also decided that boys will come wearing shorts only without any underwear while the girls will come only wearing mini-shorts and a tank top with no bra-panty inside.

In anticipation of the big day, both the couples had not done sex as they wanted to ignite the fire in their bodies.

Finally – THE BIG DAY!

Both girls went to the beauty parlour for full body waxing except the pussy area because both the boys like to shave their girl’s pussy by themselves.

Meanwhile, the boys had made arrangements in the common living room like downloading the porn they will watch at night, putting the mattress at the 2 corners of the room, and brought 2 packets of Manforce chocolates and strawberry condoms.

The girls reached the flat at 7 pm. Then all 4 of them had dinner together. Then after dinner around 7:30 both the couples went to respective rooms.

The scene in Rohit’s and Rubina’s room-

After entering the room, I told Rubina that she and Niharika were looking very sexy and hot after coming from the beauty parlour. I then kissed Rubina’s lips but she pushed me away and entered the bathroom. I also followed her.

We then both removed each other’s clothes one by one. Rubina lied on the bathroom floor and spread her legs. I applied Veet hair remover on Rubina’s pussy and started shaving her pussy.

After shaving her pussy, my gf’s pink pussy became shining and was inviting me to lick it. However, I controlled myself and told Rubina to shave my groin area. Rubina then shaved my groin area while my dick became hard.

After that, we both soaped each other’s bodies under the shower. After bathing, both of us came into our room and started wearing clothes for the night. Rubina wore a white tank top (which was very tight, and the outline of her nipples could be seen clearly) and a black mini-short with no pantie inside. I wore black shorts with no underwear inside. My dick was hard and could be seen clearly.

Meanwhile, Nitin and Niharika also got ready. Niharika was wearing a red tank top with blue shorts and Nitin was wearing grey shorts.


Around 9 pm, both couples entered the common living room. Both the girls were feeling shy as the nipple outline of girls and the dick of the boys can be seen clearly.

However, both the boys were smiling, looking in each other eyes. After entering the room, both couples occupied the mattresses which were lying in the 2 corners of the room.

Rohit then switched off the lights and started the porn on the TV. The boys had chosen a film on group sex porn.

Continue in the next part.

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