South Indian neighbour fucked after massage & workout – Story

South Indian neighbour fucked after massage & workout – Story

Hi, thank you for the encouraging feedback on the earlier incidents shared with you.

This incident that I am about to narrate happened five years ago when I was living in a two-storied private apartment on rent with one flat on each floor.

I was living on the second floor of the apartment and the other flat on the first floor of my landlord was empty for a long time. The ground floor was a car parking area so I was the lone soul in the apartment.

After around five months, one fine morning I saw one family shifting on the first floor. I saw a lady in her early 40s and two school-going children and one more woman in her late 30s who looked like their maid. I did not bother to interfere as I had to leave for work. We did not interact in the first 15 days.

After 15 days or so, as I was coming back from my morning walk at 8:15 am, I met this lady on the staircase of the apartment getting ready to go for a morning walk or a jog. She was in a long t-shirt which was showing her fit big bust, tight fit leggings showing a good amount of her thigh fat and walking sports shoes.

She looked at me and said, “Hello, Good morning. I am Nalini (real name changed). We are new here and I wanted to go for a walk. Is there any park or walking zone nearby?”

Me: Yes. There is a park nearby in 500 meters from our building gate. You will have to navigate through the lanes in the colony to reach there. It closes at 9 am and it is open in the evening from 5 pm to 7:30 pm.

She: Oh. I will have to ask people on the way to reach the place which will cause delay. It is not possible in the evening as children will be there at home and I have to manage them. Can I join you tomorrow morning if you don’t mind so that you can show me the way to the park? Let me know what time I should be ready.

Me: I leave at 7 am, you can join me tomorrow.

She (being a little upset): So many days I was busy setting up things in this new house. I wanted to start going for a walk soon and reduce some fat on my body.

Me: You can exercise at home today, which also reduces body fat.

She: Yeah. I know. You also exercise at home with weights after you come from your walk as I hear the sound of iron when you lift weights.

Me: Yeah. I do exercise with the adjustable dumbbells and that makes the clinging sound of the iron plates.

She: Can you teach me some exercise to reduce my body fat as you have a good athletic physique? You can be my trainer. I am sorry I upset your exercise routine today.

Me: Ok. I will teach you to do stretching exercises and other regular exercises that will help you to burn fat. It will make you feel active all day. At whose place should we start? Yours or mine?

She: My place. Because I am all alone as kids have gone to school.

Me: What about your husband? Is he not there or has he already left for office?

She: He doesn’t stay here since he manages the family business in our district place. I came to this city since I knew education is good for my children in this city. We are a south Indian family and our family prides in good education.

As my neighbour was speaking, she got the exercise mat and placed it in her big living room. She changed from the long t-shirt to a shorter one.

Me: Okay. So you are a south Indian. You seem to be really desperate to get in shape as you have bought all the required clothing and accessories.

She: Yes. I have also got an Exercycle in my bedroom. I will show you later.

Me: We can start with on spot jogging and see how you break sweat and then some stretching.

She: Okay.

Nalini started on spot jogging as I saw her big boobs bouncing while she jogged. After 2 minutes of spot jogging, I told her to rest for a few seconds and to do jumping jacks. She did while I watched her bouncing boobs as well as her belly button and some amount of belly fat while she raised her arms.

She stopped as she was sweating a bit now and warmed up.

She: Teach me exercises that will reduce my belly fat and tone my hips.

Me: Ok. Can you stretch your legs with one leg on the floor and other leg’s heel touching your behind?

She: I will need your help to do it. I have not done it.

I stood with her and she put her arm on my shoulder for support. With one leg on the floor, she lifted her other heel to touch her butt cheek. I told her to hold for 10 secs and repeat with the other leg also. She did it with my support for another 3 times.

Me: Did you feel anything?

She: Yeah, my thighs and legs stretched and getting firm. Can you do something for my stomach also to feel the same way?

Me: Lie down on your back on the mat and fold your legs in 45 degrees. Then try to stretch and raise your legs slowly one by one when I tell you.

She lied down and as she spread her legs apart, I saw the crotch area and her dark blue pantie in her off-white thin fabric tight leggings. She tried raising her legs up a bit but she said, “I can’t do it.”

She: You hold my legs and try to hold it up.

Me: Okay. But you have to put more effort if you need the results. I will only support. Put your legs on my shoulder.

I sat in between her parted knees and put her legs on my shoulder. I held her thighs and raised her legs up one by one. I got a view of her crotch and her dark blue pantie due to the thin fabric of her tight off-white leggings.

I made her stretch her legs apart in the air so that I get a good view of her pantie and her crotch. I held her in that position for some seconds and then lowered her legs on the floor.

She: I want you to teach me lifting weights also as I want my body to be firm. I have lightweight dumbbells in my bedroom. Come, we will get it and I will show you my Exercycle also.

We both went into her bedroom. My south Indian neighbour showed me her Exercycle and also the hard rubber dumbbells of 5 pounds each. As I picked up the dumbbells and was leaving the bedroom to follow her to the living room, my eyes fell on the hard rubber dildo with strap-on on the open shelf at the entrance of her bedroom.

We reached the living room and the dildo was playing on my mind.

She: Please teach me the correct way to use the dumbbells for my back and shoulders.

Me: Hold your dumbbells and raise it forward parallel to the ground one by one. I will stand behind you and support you.

I stood behind Nalini and held her wrists and raised her hands one by one. As she was raising her arms, she bent forward slightly due to exertion and her buttocks touched my hard dick.

We repeated the exercise 3 times. I repeatedly pressed my dick on my south Indian neighbour’s ass but acted as if that was in motion while doing the exercises. Then she relaxed.

I also told Nalini to bend down from her waist holding the dumbbells. She told me to hold her waist in case she loses her balance. I held her waist and her leggings’ waistband. As she bent forward repeatedly, my hard dick was frequently rubbing against her buttocks. Later, I told her to stretch for cooling down.

She: Can you massage my body as I am feeling stiff?

Me: Ok. Are you comfortable with me massaging your body?

She (smilingly): You have already massaged me indirectly while exercising.

I now didn’t know whether I was the hunter or I was the hunted one. But I decided to play on!

Me: Do you have coconut oil?

She: Yes, I will get it. But where will you massage me – in the hall or in the bedroom?

Me: Wherever you are comfortable.

She: In the bedroom.

Me: Ok. Get the oil and let’s go to the bedroom.

She got the coconut oil and we both went to her bedroom.

Me: You need to put a mat on the bed.

She: That’s ok, I will lie down on this bedspread and wash it later.

Nalini lied down on her stomach. I lifted her t-shirt and poured some oil on her back and started massaging her back.

She: I want you to rub my back up and down.

Me: I will have to sit on your thighs.

She: Ok. Go ahead.

I sat on the back of her thighs and started massaging her back up and down.

She: Massage my upper back and shoulders too.

Me: I have to unhook your bra for that.

She: Please go ahead.

I unhooked my south Indian neighbour’s red bra and started massaging her back up to her shoulders. During this motion, my hard dick was rubbing over her leggings in her ass crack.

She was moaning softly as she felt my dick press in her buttocks and told me, “You do an excellent massage. Please massage my thighs too.”

Me: For that, I have to remove your leggings. Are you ok?

She (smilingly): I think you have already seen my pantie through the thin fabric of my off white leggings.

I really felt now that I was the hunted one and not the hunter here. I pulled off her leggings and now my hot sexy South Indian neighbour was in her dark blue pantie and unhooked bra.

I started massaging her thighs with the oil and I reached her crotch area. I saw the big patch of wetness on her pantie.

She: You have seen everything now. Do you need to understand anything more? Please massage my boobs, my pussy, and my buttocks.

I removed her dark blue pantie and her red bra and started massaging her naked body. I poured oil on her crotch and massaged her pussy by inserting my fingers in her vagina and rubbing her clitoris as she moaned heavily. Then I massaged her buttocks and her boobs and she was enjoying with pleasure and ecstasy.

The dildo that I saw came to my mind and I could not control myself and asked her, “Can I fuck you?“

She: Please go ahead. I need it badly.

I penetrated my new neighbour in missionary position. It was smooth due to the oil lubrication. I started pounding her pussy and simultaneously, I was squeezing and sucking her massive boobs and brown nipples.

Nalini was enjoying it and told me to fuck her from behind. I made her sit on her knees. Then I bent forward and raised her hips and entered her pussy from behind. I started fucking her vigorously.

She then wanted to do the reverse cowgirl and she rode my dick pushing and thrusting it deep inside her pussy repeatedly. She enjoyed the fucking session and we did not stop till we climaxed.

Then I asked her if she was satisfied.

She: I was waiting for this moment and when I saw you some days back. I wanted you to satisfy my sexual desires. I lied to you that I have a husband. I am sorry for that. Actually, I don’t have a husband, hence I have not been satisfied nor had sex for a long time.

The strap-on dildo came to my mind, but I kept quiet about it as I realized that Nalini had no other way of satisfying her sexual urges.

She kissed me and we hugged each other very tightly feeling our naked bodies as we both lay on her bed.

The next part of banging my South Indian neighbour will continue.

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