Story of passionate sex instead of breakfast

Story of passionate sex instead of breakfast

Previous Part: Big Milky Boobs And Hot Pussy For Breakfast

Welcome back. This may be with too many details of our every move. I hope you can feel it and imagine how erotic the moments were.

After having breakfast, Priyanka moved to her room for rest, and I moved to the other one with Anu. Now I was hard and horny, and I don’t like to waste any boner. I pulled Anu in my arms and pinned her to the wall kissing her neck and cleavage.

She giggled and moaned. Her hands were busy massaging my obvious boner inside my lower. She made me sit on the sofa and took my boxers and lowers off. Her eyes sparkled, looking at my rock-hard boner.

She licked it from the balls to the tip, licking off all the pre-cum. Then she gulped on my cock and showed off her amazing blowjob skills. She then turned around with her big fat ass facing me. She tugged on her pajamas elastic and pulled it down.

While bending forward, she was exposing her gorgeous ass with her pussy lips. Her pussy lips were all wet, shiny, and drooling. I just spanked her ass real hard a few times and pulled her back towards me. As usual, I licked her pussy and poked her fuckhole with my tongue.

She moaned a little and reached for my erect dick with her hand. She jerked me really fast. Then I licked and tongue fucked her to my heart’s content, leaving her wetter than she was before.

She then removed her top and sat on my lap, facing towards me. Her horny pussy was rubbing on my boner. And we both enjoyed a deep sloppy smooch all while she dry humped me.

With deep eye contact and mutual heavy breathing, she then lifted herself a little. She placed my cock on her pussy and slowly lowered herself on it, enjoying erotic passionate sex.

Anu moaned all the way as she felt every inch of me enter her. Her pussy was super hot, to begin with. So her cum was tingly warm, which I felt roll down my dick shaft to my balls. She was moving to and fro instead of jumping on the dick.

I loved it all as I felt her wetness flow on my dick with each movement. It was a slow rhythmic dick riding from her. While we kept kissing and hugging each other passionately. I was barely moving, but whatever she was doing was getting her sloppy wet.

In the same position, I laid her on the sofa without pulling out. I got on top of her and fucked her ever so slowly. I was making her feel my dick exit and then stretch out again as I enter her. We were making love, and it was feeling great for a change from all the hardcore pussy pounding she got earlier.

Me – Does this feel good, baby?

Anu – I never had such a passionate makeout with anyone else. I’m getting so wet from all this.

Me – I can feel that! It’s like heaven on earth.

Anu – Oh, sure. Only you can.

She grabs my ass and pulls me with her mouth wide open and eyes closed. I kept fucking her that way for a couple more minutes while she dug her nails in my back. At this point, my cock was hurting cause her pussy was tight.

Her pussy walls were hugging my cock shaft in a death grip. I pulled out and bent her over in doggy style. I pushed my already lubed up cock inside her, rolled her hair in my fist. I fucked her with the hardest thrusts I could. Each one was more intense than the previous one.

Me – Oh, God! I missed this so much. (spanked her ass with my other hand)

Anu – Yes. Yes. I love you, baby. I love you so much. Fuck this bitch. Fuck me. Oh, God. Fuck me. You’re so deep and hard. Oh, my God. Kiss me while you fuck me.

She looks back, and we kiss again while fucking hard. Her moans were on another level. Her big ass was bouncing in front of me while I fucked her like no tomorrow. The clapping sound mixed with her moans was too much to handle. I barely lasted 10 – 15 minutes in doggy style with her.

Anu – I’m close. Keep pumping me, baby.

Me – I’m gonna cum.

I tried pulling out, but Anu pushed her ass back. I was too weak to pull out, and she orgasmed. She followed me, filling her cunt with ropes after ropes of hot thick white cum.

Her pussy muscles literally milked my cock till the last drop of sperm, and I fell over her. We both look at each other, panting and gasping for air.

Anu – Oh God, I let you cum inside me. I’m so sorry. I can feel your boiling hot cum inside me.

Me – I tried pulling out, but you left me no choice, woman.

Anu – I know, but I feel so good and slutty now. Let’s hope I get my period.

I emptied a big load of sperm in her, but only a couple of drops of cum rolled out of her. My dick was killing me at that point. Anu held my hand and took me to the bathroom. She got down on her knees and licked all the cum off it.

We had another shower. The dirty bitch tried to lure me into entertaining me with offers of more raw sex and no need to pull out. But it was getting late for me, so I just left for home.

2-3 days later, I got a text from her.

Anu – Congratulations!

Me – What?

Anu – You know exactly what to expect, mister.

Me – I’m not ready for a child, Anu.

Anu – Fuck you! (middle finger emoji) I got my periods, dumbo. I’m in pain, but I feel so relieved.

Me – Oh, thank God! You can never say anything without being a drama queen for once?

Anu – Nope! You deserved it for cumming inside. I got my periods, and that’s all that matters. Practice more on your pull-out game, big boy. See you soon. Bye now.

So this is how I got lucky with fucking Anu raw and not knocking her up. It’s my biggest fear even above getting caught fucking.

No condom was harmed during this love, which I regret as it was in my pocket the whole time. 5-6 of them. So remember to use it. Don’t get carried away in the flow or forget having it on you.

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