Story about first birthday gift for wife after marriage

Story about first birthday gift for wife after marriage

I posted my first story titled ‘Part Time Job’ 2 weeks back. I had narrated how my wife was a part-time call girl. It was well appreciated by many people. I received very good feedback from a lot of people. So I am writing about the first birthday gift for wife after marriage.

Bhaskar is my good friend from my college days. He married his maternal uncle’s daughter Manjula. He was 23, and she was 21 at the time of marriage. Manjula was a virgin but not Bhaskar.

Bhaskar had sex with more than a dozen ladies before marriage. Some were virgin girls, and some married aunties. To be frank, few married ladies had invited him for fucking with them in the absence of their husbands.

I married Champa 5 years after Bhaskar’s marriage. I was a virgin, but Champa was not. Champa was an escort girl, and she had widened her legs before several men for benefits. Despite knowing her background, I married her because she was extremely beautiful and attractive.

During my bachelor’s life, I had gone to a few live cabaret shows. In those shows, beautiful girls were dancing and stripping. I was fantasizing that my wife also should dance like that.

After marriage, one day, when Champa was in a happy mood, I expressed my fantasy to her. I requested her to perform a striptease dance before my friends. After all, Champa was an escorting girl. She agreed to my request.

Champa was a good dancer. She had learned filmy dance during her college days. She started practicing striptease dance at home by watching a few videos. After many rehearsals, she gave consent to dance before my friends and told me to fix a party for friends.

Champa’s birthday was nearing. It was on Saturday for two weeks. I proposed to arrange her birthday party for friends where she would perform a birthday dance with stripping. Champa agreed.

I proposed removing every cloth and exhibiting all those body parts that the nurse had seen when born. Champa agreed with the condition that she would strip everything except the panty.

I thought that Champa is ready to show all parts of her beautiful body to my friends, but not her most private part, pussy, which she gladly gives to many others. She removes her panty with pleasure while escorting strangers and spreads her legs apart before her customers.”

She sucks the customer’s cock and allows those guys to put their hard penis in her precious hole called a vagina and move in and out like a piston. She is a true high-profile prostitute. Then why can’t she just show her cunt to my friends? Why? Is it fair? No. Not at all fair.

I decided to play some mischief and see that Champa shows her pussy to my friends. I started working out a plan. At this stage, I took advice from my couple friend Bhaskar and Manjula.

We fixed a party for Saturday coinciding with Champa’s birthday. I invited some of my close friends, just 3 couples and 4 bachelor guys. In all, 10 guests. All invitees were of the same mindset as me.

These couples were swapping couples. The bachelor boys had fucking experience with girlfriends as well as aunties. Bhaskar and Manjula were one of the couples invited to the party.

The party day was approaching. We made all arrangements for the party. On Friday we went to a Mall and bought the sexiest clothes for Champa, which was suitable for stripping.

On Saturday we decorated our house with flowers and balloons. Color lights were put in the dance hall and created a proper atmosphere for dancing. It gave the look of a dance bar.

By evening 7 O’clock guests started reaching our house. We received the guests with a smile. Champa served welcome drinks to the guests. She was wearing a saree, blouse and looking very attractive. She knew how to attract guys. That is the skill of every call girl.

By 8 o’clock, all the 10 invitees were present. Champa brought some snacks and kept them on the center table before the guests. She brought beer bottles, a whisky bottle, and fruit juice bottles, and 12 glasses. Then she went inside to change her dress.

I requested the guests to have drinks and snacks of their choice. I gave them a surprise by telling them, “Today is Champa’s birthday.” They all were surprised and exclaimed, “Oh, what a surprise!” They wanted to greet her and told me to call her.

Me: Wait. She is changing her dress. She will come wearing her birthday costume shortly.

Bhaskar: Where is the cake?

Me: The cake is here. She will cut the cake and then dance. Enjoy her birthday dance.

Everyone: Oh, good. Real surprise.

After 10 minutes, the birthday baby Champa entered. She was dressed in a very sexy semi-transparent body-hugging dress covering from breast to hip. Her boobs were partly covered. Hips were just covered. The rest of the body was exposed. It was of light blue color.

Guests could see her inners through the dress. The color and shape of the bra and panty were visible. Someone remarked, “Apsara.” Champa waved hands to all, saying, “Hi.”

Champa cut the cake. Everyone clapped and wished her a happy birthday. Then I switched on the music player. Of course, it was erotic music. Champa started shaking her body. Her face was filled with a smile. She looked like the full moon.

As the music tempo increased, she increased the pace of her body shake. She danced like that for 15 minutes. Then the music stopped, and she too took a break. She came near every guest, saying “Hello,” to everyone.

I introduced the guests to Champa. Bhaskar gave a beautiful kiss to her hand. Ravi requested her to pour some beer into his glass. Champa poured beer not only to Ravi but to everybody. Ravi kissed her waist.

Champa continued her dance to different music. She was shaking her breasts, belly, and thighs. She came to me. I unhooked her dress from her back. She did body shaking more and let the blue outfit drop. Yes, now the apsara is appearing in front of all with just a panty and bra.

After all, beauty should be seen by all. She continued the dance. As the dance was going on, I made an announcement.

Me: There are 7 envelopes here. Every male guest, please take one envelope.

Every male guest took one envelope.

Me: Open the envelope. Inside the envelope, there are 3 folded papers, one white, another yellow and the other pink. Now you pull out the white paper and see what is written.

They were pulling out the white paper and seeing what is written on it. Then I made another announcement.

Me: Only in one paper is written as ‘Lucky Guy.’ Who is the lucky guy today?

Dinesh: I am here. I am the ‘Lucky Guy.’

Me: Congratulations to Dinesh. In the course of the dance, Champa will come near you. You have to tell her to sit on your lap. When you sit, hold her tight and unhook her bra.

All guests: Oh, wonderful, lucky guy Dinesh.

After some time, Champa goes near Dinesh. Dinesh requests her to sit on his lap. She sits. Immediately Dinesh holds her tight and unhooks her bra. She tries to escape. But Dinesh does not leave. As a result, the bra comes out in Dinesh’s hand when Champa escaped from his hold.

Now Champa’s beautiful boobs started jumping. She continued to dance and shake her breasts well – a big surprise to everybody. As her dance was progressing, I made another announcement.

Me: Now, please open the yellow slip and read. But do not disclose anything to anybody. You have to do as per the instructions on the yellow slip.

Everybody opened the yellow slip and read. In 6 slips, the words ‘better luck next time’ had been written. In one slip, “Hold her tight and remove her panty. She may protest, but don’t leave until the panty comes out in your hand.”

I could read the faces of the guests. The lucky instruction was there on the slip of Bhaskar. His face was happy, whereas all others exhibited pale faces. After a few minutes, Champa went near Bhaskar. He held her tight in his hands and tried to pull down her panty.

But she was furious and tried to escape. His grip was so tight that she could not escape. Bhaskar pulled her panty down and removed it. She escaped from Bhaskar but had to stand naked, feeling uncomfortable.

My fantasy was fulfilled. My mischief play was successful. I had sought guidance from Bhaskar. The entire drama had been planned by him. Champa was not aware of this plan.

It was known to only 3 people – me, Bhaskar, and Manjula, that someone was sure to strip her panty. But it was a surprise to Bhaskar also that he got the particular envelope.

The drama did not end there. When Champa was 100% naked before everybody, I quickly gave her a gown to wear and cover her body. She wore the gown and stood with a sigh of relief without noticing that it was a transparent gown. Everyone could get a clear sight of her beautiful body inside the gown.

Thinking that her body is now fully covered with the gown, she danced for 5 more minutes to complete the dance. Now everyone could see her boobs, belly, thighs, and butts shaking well inside the gown, in addition to the pussy inside the transparent white gown. Black silky hair on her pussy was so sexy.

The dance party ended after a few minutes. Guests started going out. Champa and I went to the roadside and say, “Bye-bye,” to them. Everyone left except Ravi. Ravi came back along with us. I was surprised that he came back.

Then he showed me the instructions on his pink slip, reading, “Most lucky guy. You can fuck the birthday girl as a return gift.” Ravi slept with Champa in my bedroom. I slept in another room on a mat spread on the floor. We had only one cot in my bedroom, and for that night, my cot and my wife belonged to Ravi.

The next day Champa told me that she only had told Bhaskar to work out a plan so that any one of the guys there would fuck her on that night. This game was full of surprises to everybody.  The hot wife’s birthday drama of a nude dance was a surprise to her husband’s friends.

Removing the bra was a surprise to Dinesh. Removing the panty was a surprise to Bhaskar. It was the most unexpected shock and surprise to Champa also. Fucking Champa for the whole night was the top-rated surprise to Ravi and also to me. It was the first time that friend was allowed to sleep with my wife in my bedroom.

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