Story of the housewife’s fantsy to take a shower

Story of the housewife’s fantsy to take a shower

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Kalyani embraced him with love and started kissing him. Ravi said he was starving and he needs some food first. Kalyani realized his hunger for food is more than sex or even take a shower. She prepared lunch, and he ate it. Ravi felt tired due to the sleepless night. So he lay down on the bed for some rest.

Kalyani understood his situation and thought she’ll have to wait for the evening. She came out and went to the north side corridor to check out that common bathroom. It was a little large with two individual toilets and two bathrooms with showers in both. There was a line of urinals for kids.

But at the end of the urinal, there was an open shower. It was like those showers in the Hollywood movies locker room. Just a sight of that made Kalyani so horny, she badly wanted to take a bath in it. So she planned it that evening. The time was around 5:30 pm.

Kalyani noticed that her husband is still asleep. She took a desperate look at her sleeping husband. She wanted that sex so badly. She thought that the day is not so good as the previous day. She then looked outside. The sky has become so dark, and the thunder started rumbling again.

She switched on the TV. It was the news that it will be raining cats and dogs the whole evening. Kalyani welcomed the rain as a gift after longs days of the hot sun. Then Ravi woke up after a few minutes. He was shirtless with just Bermuda shorts. He came to the hall and sat along with Kalyani on the sofa.

She went near him and started kissing his shoulders. Her lips were as soft as a rose petal. She then gradually kissed him on his chest and slowly dropped her hands inside his trousers. She can feel him not wearing the briefs. He had his erection. Now his tent was high on that Bermuda short.

She stroked it so slowly inside his Bermuda. Now her lips are kissing his neck. Ravi had his eyes closed, and he was feeling her every touch. She now, with her other hand, grabbed his hair and gave a hot and deep kiss. They both were smooching and smooching for two minutes straight.

Then Ravi slowly grabbed her hips over the nighty she was wearing and pressed it a little tighter. That grip gave Kalyani shock waves in her private parts. She broke her kiss and took her hands out of his trousers. She grabbed his hands over her hips and looked at him seductively.

She placed them on her breasts over the nighty. Ravi felt she had no bra underneath, and he grabbed her left boob tighter. She gave a moan, and she felt heavenly when he started giving her a massage. She was looking right in his eyes, biting her lips and feeling the lust.

Then with his other hand, he grabbed the other boob and conducted the same action. She was on cloud nine, and her pantyless pussy started getting wet. She had her eyes looking straight into him and him into her. They both were feeling the erotic sensation.

Ravi broke his breast job and sat upright on the sofa. Now Kalyani got up, and she raised her nighty up to her knee and sat on his lap, facing him with her legs open over his hard tent. He gave a lustful sigh of relief. She moved her nighty covered pussy over his tent in a slow and slender twerking motion.

He felt her heat on his tent, and he grabbed her hair and gave her a hot mouth kiss. She was now moving her hips slower and faster and giving a long smooch. Kalyani’s bottom was so wet, and she occasionally gave moans while smooching.

Ravi’s left hand was over her boobs massaging, and his right hand was feeling and caressing her ass over her nighty. He was grabbing her ass cheek and following the call of her booty.

To their worst luck, someone knocked on the door. Kalyani and Ravi jerked a bit, and they broke the smooch. Ravi was hard on his shorts, so he went inside the bedroom. Kalyani after, adjusting her dress, opened the door. It was Pooja, for the maths tuition.

She was smiling awkwardly and said, “Sorry, I was in the middle of something.” Kalyani gave a hesitant look and said, “Were you spying on me?” Pooja replied, laughing, “No, sis, but your face looks a little restless.”

Kalyani wiped the sweat off her face and welcomed Pooja. She then started the maths tuition after sitting on the sofa. Pooja saw Kalyani’s nipples protruding, and she now understood she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her nighty. Pooja smiled secretly and carried on her tuition.

Kalyani then, in the middle, asked Pooja if she wants tea as she was about to prepare it. Pooja said yes, and she would love it at this time. Kalyani could understand that anyone would want a tea badly when it’s raining outside. She went inside the kitchen and started her preparation.

Ravi came out of the bedroom as if he woke up right now with a yawn. He wore a t-shirt and the same shorts but this time with a brief inside. Pooja said, ‘Hi,’ and Ravi replied to her with a smile. He sat on the sofa, and they both had a small chat. Kalyani was preparing the tea, cursing God for punishing her today.

After a few minutes, Kalyani came out of the kitchen with three cups of tea. She saw her husband and Pooja were laughing and talking. She served them tea, and she asked him, “Are you planning on installing the ceiling fan today?”

He was dumbstruck, and he replied, “I have already bought the tools. I’ll get it installed in no time.” Kalyani told him to do it right now. He then brought the tools to the bedroom and started his work. Kalyani and Pooja were sitting on the hall sofa.

Kalyani then thought of her plan to take a bath in that open shower in the public restroom. But now, an erotic fantasy came to this married woman’s mind, about seducing her husband to join her shower. Although she had a doubt that he wouldn’t take such risks cause anyone can enter the toilet anytime and see them taking a naked shower.

But Kalyani took the vacant house in her corridor as an advantage. Unless someone from the lower floors comes up to use the bathroom, no one will find them. Since it’s raining, no one will come up. So she went inside her bedroom and told her working husband the idea in his ears.

His jaw dropped, and he said, “No, it might lead us into trouble,” and rejected her proposal. Kalyani wanted it to happen so badly. She planned on drawing him by seducing him with a bait.

She then gave Pooja some problems to work out, and she can leave as soon as she finished them. The doorway was behind the sofa. So anyone sitting on the sofa looking straight can’t see the doorway and bedroom door. The rain outside was so loud and dreadful.

Ravi was done with the bedroom now was installing the hall fan. Pooja was keen on her problem-solving. Kalyani knew the tuition was about to end, so she went inside her bedroom and grabbed a towel. She came out, stood near the doorway, and she was behind the view of Pooja.

But Ravi was standing over a stool, and he was in front of Pooja but can see her. She looked at her husband and waited for his attention. He saw her, and he was puzzled by her look. Looking at him, she grabbed the ends of her nighty and pulled it up and removed it.

Kalyani is now standing behind Pooja 100% naked with just a towel in her hands. Ravi was awestruck, and his heart was pumping like thunder. But Kalyani was standing naked with just her mangalsutra, anklets, and bangles. Nothing covered her pink nippled, perfectly shaped boobs.

She was in loose hair and was so confident in her posture with her hands on her hips. She looked at her husband, enjoying his awkward reaction. She was even laughing at him in mute. He asked her in mute, “What are you doing?” For which she laughed by pointing her finger towards his shorts.

He noticed it and was saying in mute, “Ahh, fuck.” She then called the curious Pooja and said, “You can leave when you are done.” She didn’t know what came over her, but even a slight turning of Pooja’s posture will lead her to embarrassment.

And to her luck, Pooja was keen on writing and replied without turning back. Then Kalyani wrapped the towel around her. She said goodbye to her husband without sound and walked outside the door. She left. She was cat-walking and seducing him.

Ravi was mind blown. His head started thinking she might get spotted walking on the corridor with her towel by the neighbors. He then saw Pooja and waited for her to leave the house as he badly wanted to catch up with her. But he can’t do it until he made sure Pooja leaves the house.

She was the only person who had the highest probability of seeing them naked in the shower.

To be continued.

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