Unexpected Lockdown Experience – Hot Sex In Hyderabad Story

Unexpected Lockdown Experience – Hot Sex In Hyderabad Story

Hi everyone, this is Anurag from Hyderabad. I hope everyone enjoys this story, which happened recently.

A little about me: I am 29 years old, working for the IT sector in Hyderabad. I am good looking and 6 foot tall with a bit on heavy, not so muscular or fatty!

So coming to the story. This happened just a week ago in hard lockdown time at Madinaguda – Hyderabad. I was with my family at my sister’s place during the lockdown. They stay in a gated community, which is a high-class community with good people around.

People regularly walk and participate in activities. As its lockdown, there was a rule passed that no games or walking were allowed for the cause of safety. As its summer and no one really likes to stay at home. Hence, it was the terrace, which was the option to get some fresh air and relax.

This was the place it all this started, and I met with the beauty Navya (name changed).To tell about Navya, she is a perfect lady everyone would love to fuck. She is the mother of a 9 years old boy with good maintained shape and structure. A bit curvy but on the perfect side and 36d sized breast with the perfect ass.

I have made it habit of going to the terrace on a short walk and having some fresh air in the evenings. It was regular visits for 2/3 days. But after that, I noticed that the time I was jumping to have some fresh air, she also used to come. She would have some selfies or roam around.

It was like a week. Most of the days, we used to come and walk around at the same time. Then, we used to look from far. Whenever we met, we used to greet each other with a smile. It was for a couple of days like this. But from far, I used to check out her body and figure.

One day we were on the terrace. She was in her 3/4 and t-shirt and was looking stunning as always. But this day she was looking much younger, not a 32 years old lady but much younger. She was in a good mood for taking pictures. I was passing near to her, and we were having our regular greets with our smiles.

But something happened which I was not expecting. She greeted me, saying hello, and I replied hi. She asked me if I can take a snap of her with a beautiful background. It was evening and sunset time, and the view was just awesome. I agreed and clicked on some snaps.

She was active on Instagram and social networking, so she needs updated pics. After taking some good number of pics, she was done and so happy about looking at those pics. She thanked me, and we chatted some casual talk for a short time. And then we left for the day.

The next day it was a little cloudy, and a strong wind was blowing. I went to the terrace. I noticed there was someone on the other side, and I didn’t pay much attention. But after some time, I saw it was her with her boy. She was in a loose and transparent top.

Her dress was sticking to her body. I could see her bra clearly. It was a tight one, and I could see those boobs were ready to jump out. She brought him as her husband was busy with some important office calls. They both came to the side I was, and she greeted me this time while heading towards me.

We greeted, and she introduced her boy to me. He was so mischievous and playful. We had a good time. Then it was getting dark, and it was time to go. I was about to leave. Suddenly she asked me directly if I got an Instagram account. I said, yeah, I do have, and she asked for my id.

I thought she had just installed it some days ago, and out of curiosity, she was asking. But after reaching my flat, I saw a notification that someone followed and also a message. It was her, she pinged me. We had some casual chat, and we got to know each other.

We had a long chat till 6 am in the morning. On our chats, she was so open, and she shared about her personal life as well. She broke out that she is not so happy with sex life. Her hubby was in a good position and a manager, so a busy man. And she was not liking that at all and missing him badly.

The next day after sleeping the whole day, I was about to go to the terrace. I got a message from her that she may not come as she didn’t get proper sleep and was tired. I replied that I was going and asked her to take rest. I was enjoying some fresh air.

After some time, all of a sudden, she came and tapped on my back.  I was shocked and asked that she was not supposed to come. She answered straight away, saying that she was missing me. She was so happy about seeing me, I could see that on her face.

Then she asked what my plan was for the night after dinner. I just said I may chat with you or sleep after some time. Said that she wants to do something secretly with a smile and winked. I was not sure and had a laugh, and we left from there.

After dinner around 8:30, I got a message from her that she wants to meet me. I was shocked and said that we shall meet tomorrow at the same place and time. Her reply was now at our place and asked me to come within 5 minutes. I was shocked but also excited inside.

I went after 10 minutes and was cautiously looking around if there is someone else. At that time, I have never been to the terrace, and I was not sure if someone would come. I was looking around. I saw a mobile light blinking near the water tank wall, and I heard her voice calling me.

But looking around, I went near her and asked what she wants at this time. She smiled and immediately hugged me. She was wearing a t-shirt which was not transparent but thin. She had a scarf around her neck to cover her t-shirt and night track.

When she hugged, I could feel her breasts very clearly, and they were pushed against me. I was shocked for a moment and was not hugging back. She whispered to hug her. I gave a tight hug. She was rubbing my back with her hands and pressing her boobs against my chest forcefully.

I could feel her nipples. Then she moved her hands to my head and pulled my face and kissed. I liked her passion and move. We kissed for nearly 5 minutes, and I had a boner. She was feeling it, and I could feel her heat. Then we slid ourselves down.

I groped her body and went to her pussy directly, and I could feel her heat. Then slowly went on her boobs. They were so smooth, and yeah, she was not wearing a bra. I placed both hands on her breast and was pressing them. She was enjoying with soft moans.

She was rubbing my dick from outside. Then I slowly removed her t-shirt and could see those melons clearly on the moonlight. It was not a full moon, but out of city lights, I could see those boobs. I immediately stopped kissing her. I fell on them and started kissing and licking them.

Her moans were heavy, and she slid her hand inside my night track. She grabbed my 6” dick and was pumping it slowly. We were passionately kissing and licking each other, and her pumping now took some pace. She was pumping my dick. I then slid my hand to her pussy.

To my surprise, she was fully wet, and her juices were flowing with loads of heat. I could feel the summer heat in there. I inserted my 3 figures. It was tight, but I managed to insert it completely with the help of her juices. She slowly dropped her pants, and she also dropped my track.

Then she asked me to spread out tracks on the floor. I did that with one hand, and another was rubbing and playing with her pussy.She then asked me to settle down, and she jumped on me. I was in a sitting position, and legs spread. She was on my top, sat on my dick.

She was holding me with her hands around my neck. She sat on my dick, it went directly as it was filled with her juices already. Then she was jumping up and down on my dick and giving soft moans. Her breast was jumping on my face, and my nose and mouth were in between her breasts.

I wanted to hold then, but I could not as I placed both my hands on the floor for support. She was kissing and biting my ears and licking them in between. I was in heaven. She really showed her pro move. We fucked for almost 10 minutes, where we were both about to climax.

I still was in that position, taking the support of the floor. She was almost drained and collapsed on me. I could feel her sweat all over my face. She was so happy, and I saw tears on her face. We cleaned ourselves and kissed again and went to our flats. This is how we had fucked for the first time. We had also fucked a couple of times till now.


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